IS 1161 yst 355 pipe

IS 1161 YST 355 pipe

What is is 1161 yst 355 ?

IS 1161 is a standard that covers plain carbon steel tube requirements for various structural purposes. The IS 1161 YST 355 products are produced under the standard in a hot finished welded (HFW) or hot finished seamless (HFS) form. The IS 1161 Grade YST 355 Steel Tubes can also be produced by electric resistance welding (ERW) or high frequency induction welding. According to the standard, the IS 1161 YST 355 seamless boiler tube must have details like material grade of the tube, its nominal bore size, and wall thickness classification. Clean finishing is required on the IS 1161 YST 355 alloy steel pipe which leaves its surface liberated from scale-

it is also free from any other surface flaws or defects, like cracks. The material is known for its high strength and thus, they are capable of handling different loads in various stress-induced setups. They are also used in boiler equipment, chemical equipment, and various other applications. Their shapes, dimensions, and surface finishes can be customized according to the application requirements. These high strength pipe grades can be manufactured via an extrusion process. These pipes have moderate tolerance and high load-bearing capacity. They come with unique characteristics and are available at a low price. They should be welded longitudinally.

IS 1161 Yst 355 chemical composition and specification

IS 1161 Yst 355 Pipe Specification

IS 1161 Yst 355 Pipe Properties

IS 1161 Yst 355 Pipe Dimensions

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Is 1161 grade yst 355 vs 240

The IS 1161 grade YST 355 Hot Finished Welded Tube comes with a min yield strength of 355 MPa, whereas the min yield strength of grade yst 240 is 240 MPa. This is due to the difference in their chemical composition.

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What are benefits of is 1161 yst 355 plain carbon steel tubes

The IS 1161 YST 355 plain carbon steel tubes come with several benefits like excellent strength and it can handle high amounts of loads in various stress-induced environments. Due to this property, they are widely used in industries like oil and gas, petrochemical, chemical processing, etc. They are highly durable and capable of withstanding high pressure. They can be effectively used under water due to their good resistance to chloride ion related stress corrosion cracking.

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What is is 1161 yst 355 pipes price difference between india and china

The exact price of IS 1161 YST 355 Pipes would vary from one manufacturer to the other, in both India and China. There are different factors that influence the price including the quality of raw material, manufacturing process, quantity ordered, logistics, place of delivery, etc.

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Can you weld is 1161 yst 355 erw pipe?

Yes, the IS 1161 YST 355 ERW Pipe can be welded.

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Where carbon steel is 1161 yst 355 tubes used?

The Carbon Steel IS 1161 YST 355 Tubes are used in heat exchanger tubes, boiler equipment, and various other high temperature and pressure applications.