IS 1978 pipe

IS 1978 pipe

What is is 1978 ?

1978 is a pipe specification which is to provide standards for the pipe which is suitable for use in conveying gas, water, and oil. TheIndian Standards specification for Line pipe is mostly used in both oil and gas industries. This is an Indian Standard pipe, which is used for domestic, industrial, and agricultural purposes. The Carbon Steel IS 1978 Pipe comes with a sturdy construction and accurate dimensions. IS 1978 also has an extended service life and high durability.

IS 1978 Pipe standard, properties and specification

IS 1978 Pipe Specification

IS 1978 Pipe Properties

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What are grades of carbon steel is 1978 pipe ?

The grades of carbon Steel are yst 170, yst 210 and IS 1978 YSt 240 pipe. They have different yield strengths, wherein the numericals after yst indicate the actual yield strength value. And this is due to their varying chemical composition.

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What is purpose of is 1978 line pipe ?

The main purpose of IS 1978 Line pipe is to convey oil, gas, and water. It is also used in refrigeration and air conditioning systems. They can withstand high internal pressure, which is why they are used for hot and cold water, central heating, and also gas service installations. They also have a wide range of other applications. They are mostly used for supplying non hazardous gas.

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What are form of indian standards 1978 line pipe ?

The Indian Standards 1978 Line pipe is available in two forms: the seamless and the IS 1978 welded line pipes.

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Is 1978 yst 170 vs yst 210

IS 1978 YSt 170 pipe has a minimum yield strength of 170 MPa. Whereas, the minimum yield strength of IS 1978 YSt 210 pipe is 210 MPa. It is because they have different quantities of the same elements in their chemical composition.

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How is 1978 seamless line pipes manufacture?

The IS 1978 seamless line pipes are made from solid material that is in the form of a bar or sheet. They are given this round form which is known as a billet. They are heated or casted over to give the desirable shape and dimensions. They do not have welded seam and are produced by hot rolling of a block