IS 4923 square tube

IS 4923 square tube

What is IS 4923 square tubes?

Currently, IS4923 steel tubes are in use across the globe due to their distinctive qualities, including their precise measurements, tolerance to corrosion, robust structure, etc. One of the best & most economical tubes for use in agriculture, equipment, intense temperatures, and acidic industries is IS 4923 square tubes.
There are several pipe kinds, as well as various pipe edges and treatments. One of the types of IS 4923 rectangular hollow sections where electric resistance welding, electric fusion welding, and manufactured tubes can be found alongside welded tubes is the IS 4923 pipe. The benefits differ in that they are utilized in various application scenarios depending on the pipe and hollow section type.

IS 4923 tubes chemical composition, mechanical properties, equivalent material and specification

IS 4923 Square Tube Specification

IS 4923 Square Tube Properties

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What are the standards of IS 4923 rectangular hollow sections?

The IS 4923 material standard includes dimensions, size 20mm (about 0.79 in) x 20mm (about 0.79 in) to 400mm (about 1.31 ft) x 400mm (about 1.31 ft), Wall Width: 0.5mm (about 0.02 in) to 25mm (about 0.98 in), Length: 6.0 meter 0.05-meter Specialized length varying from 6 m to 11 m, continuous, forged or ERW category.
Width All dimensions +/- 10%, length Minimum 3 Meters, Maximum 18 Meters, or dependent on client’s demands. equivalent classes to the hollow pipe IS 4923 YST 355 and the solid IS 4923 gr YST 355. Alloy Steel IS 4923 gr YST 240 Pipes, Carbon Steel Tubes, YST 310 Tubing, Black IS 4923 Tubing, and IS 4923 ERW Pipelines are some examples of carbon steel tubing.

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What are grades of cold formed is 4923 square hollow section?

IS 4923 steel pipes come in 4 grades. Tubes made of alloy steel in the cold-treated grade IS 4923 gr YST 210 are mostly utilized in piping systems and maritime purposes. The YST 310 Gr Square Hollow Portions are utilized in the transport of reduced-pressure fluids like vapour, oil, or air.
The carbon steel grade used to make the Steel IS 4923 gr FE 410 Welded Tubes must have been through any recognized manufacturing procedure. This guarantees that the steel grades used in tubing that comply with this specification do not include more sulphate than 0.050 %. The minimal yield values of the Cold-Formed IS 4923 Square Hollow Section manufactured in accordance with this standard range from 210, 240, 310, & 355.

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Where is 4923 hollow steel section suitable to use?

Mechanical, building, petroleum & gas, and many more industries employ IS 4923 Hollow steel sections for structural use. Distinct Cold-Formed IS 4923 SHS grade has various uses in various structural constructions as well as in different industries. The benefits range depending on the manufacturing method and are utilized in various application scenarios.
Liquids such as freshwater, petroleum, and other substances are transported using rectangular hollow segments of IS 4923. Both rotary machinery and automotive motors frequently employ this. For structural purposes, hollow sections made of carbon steel that adhere to the IS 4923 standard are ideal.

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What are the benefits of IS 4923 steel pipes?

The IS 4923 tube made of carbon steel has several advantages. The ease of use, edge weldability, great weight to strength proportion, light in weight, resistance to corrosion, as well as many other benefits are only a few of its benefits. Cold Formed IS 4923 Square Hollow Section is incredibly simple to install & requires less upkeep.
It can be used with high humidity and acids because of its corrosion resistance. For applications that involve technology, equipment, water systems, intense temperatures, and chemical reactions, IS 4923 Tubes may be the most appropriate and economical tubes. Due to its great durability feature, it frequently finds use even in settings with elevated temperatures.

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Points to remember before buy is 4923 pipes

When selecting any Carbon Steel IS 4923 pipes, there are numerous considerations to keep in mind, including:

  • What kind of alloy are you seeking?
  • The steel pipes’ quality
  • manufacturing of tubes (seamless, welded, ERW pipes)
  • pipes’ dimensions
  • number of pipes
  • pipes’ sizes
  • the kind of coating (black polishing, galvanization)
  • selecting a reputable supplier

Although steel has become robust, the coverings contribute to its strength by shielding the metal from rust and adverse climate. It may be hard to determine the dimensions of the steel tubes because they frequently use, that most purchasers are unfamiliar with them.