Api 5ct grade l80 casing pipe

Api 5ct grade l80 casing pipe

What is API 5ct grade l80 casing pipe?

Different industrial applications use metallic pipes. The pipes are assigned into grades as per standard specifications. The API 5CT specification is for pipes that are to be used in oil wells and in the gas lines in petroleum and natural gas processes, and supplies. The API 5CT Grade L80 Casing Pipe is a grade with three different product specification levels to have specific conditions and characteristics for use. This grade of pipes are upset first, and then heat treated to bring them to the desired quality.

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API 5ct L80 specification, chemical composition, and mechanical properties

API 5ct Grade L80 Casing Pipe Specification

API 5ct Grade L80 Casing Pipe Properties

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How API 5ct grade l80 pipes is classified?

The L80 grade is further classified into three different types. The api 5ct grade l80 pipes have L80 type 1, type 9cr, and type 13cr. Each type has a different ratio of chromium in the composition. The api l80 has carbon, silicon, manganese, phosphorus, sulfur, nickel, and 12 to 14% chromium in the composition. The API 5CT OCTG Tubing is therefore extremely corrosion-resistant and strong.

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What are the major benefits of l80 tubing?

l80 tubing is of high yield and tensile strength. The pipes have 552MPa minimum yield strength and 655MPa tensile strength. Type 1 of the pipes can be used under H2S conditions and the other two pipes can be used for CO2 conditions. The api 5ct l80 specification allows the pipes to be used under these corrosive conditions and in oil and gas applications.

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What is heat treatment of the l80 casing pipe?

API 5CT Grade L80 Casing Pipe is heat treated with full body, full length with an air quenched method or by quenching and tempering. The l80 casing has to be heat treated to make sure that it does not have the risk of embrittlement. If the pipes are not heat treated above 620° Celsius, the l80 casing specs might pose an embrittlement risk.

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What are the inspection methods of API 5ct grade l80 type 1 casing?

All pipes are inspected with different methods to make sure that they meet the standard requirements. The api 5ct grade l80 type 1 Casing can be visually inspected for pipe surface, mechanical testing for tensile and yield strength, the chemical analysis to confirm the composition, non-destructive tests for cracks such as the ultrasonic test, the Charpy impact test, and hardness tests.

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Compare the price of API 5ct gr. L80 steel pipe in India and china

The price calculation should be done by calculating the price at the stores, the logistical and administrative costs including transportation, and the time taken for the order to be delivery at your site. The api 5ct l80 price differs from the manufacturing plant, suppliers, and distributors. The order quantity plays and important role too. The price of these pipes is around USD 990 in India and around USD 800 in China. As mentioned earlier, the prices deviate according to the different criteria or factors involved. The best way to know the price is to negotiate with the supplier.