Api 5ct k55 casing

Api 5ct k55 casing

What is api 5ct k55 ?

API 5CT grade K55 is a specification for carbon steel seamless tubing. One can get the Api 5ct k55 pipes manufactured strictly as per API so as to meet the requirements of the client. The Api 5ct k55 tubing solutions come with multiple end connections like the external upset ends and non-upset ends. The Api 5ct k55 casing tubing solutions are widely used in the oil and gas, aviation, food production, construction, and many other industries. The K55 gas api casing pipe shows good resistance to corrosion and it is a cost-effective option too.

The K55 casing pipe is quite similar to the J55 casing pipe. There is no significant difference in their yield strength and chemical composition. However, K55 comes with a higher tensile strength and better resistance to thermal fatigue and crack. These casing tubes are offered within the length range of 8m-13m, but they are also customizable. No deformation is allowed to appear on the outer or inner surface. The thread surface should be smooth without any tear, burr, or other detects which might have a negative impact on the strength and close connection.

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API 5ct k55 chemical composition, mechanical properties and specification

API 5ct K55 Casing Specification

API 5ct K55 Casing Properties

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Api k55 vs n80

Api k55 is a general purpose pipe manufactured according to the API specification 5CT. It is most commonly used in various casing applications. They have higher min tensile strength. Api N80 is the lower cost alternative to the standard quenched and tempered Api N80. It possesses high strength and toughness.

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What is welding process of k55 casing ?

High frequency welding can be done on K55 casing. The material has carbon equivalents which require welding precautions. The API 5L material is readily weldable with min precautions but the selection of the base material should match the tensile strength of K55 material.

Find an importer of API 5ct k55 casing and tubing that provides MTC and the option to cut to length, and inquire about the end type of k55 seamless tubing

What are end type of api 5ct k55 casing and tubing ?

The end type of API 5CT K55 Casing and Tubing Pipe are STC, LTC, or BTC.

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Api 5ct k55 vs p110

P110 is the highest grade among other grades and it is used in various complex territories compared to the Api 5ct k55 material. P110 is a high strength steel grade which allows quenching and tempering heat treatment. They can be used in high pressure deep wells. K55 is a low strength steel grade.

All international standards are met by the API 5ct grade k55 material, which is available on Schedules 40, 80, etc. Look into the advantages of API 5ct k55 tubing

What are advantages of k55 casing tube ?

The advantages of K55 casing tube would include:

  • Good corrosion resistance
  • Cheaper
  • Offers high quality connection.
  • Higher tensile strength than J55 casing tube
  • They have good burst strength and collapse resistance