Oilfield pipe

Oilfield Pipe

What is oilfield pipe ?

A hollow, thin walled pipe made of steel or aluminum alloy and used for drilling rigs, is known as a Oilfield Pipe. These are basically seamless pipes which have around 95% length of a drill string. The welding oilfield pipe lets the drilling fluid to flow freely through the pipe so that the pumping process can be successfully completed. The drill pipes can be used in various petroleum applications. There are different types of drill pipes available like drill string, heavyweight drill pipe. They can be subjected to a great amount of stress while drilling. They should be inspected on a regular basis so as to ensure safety and performance. They are available with various drilling pipe classifications, like n is for new pipe, p is for premium pipe, and c is class pipe.

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Oilfield pipe specifications, grades, sizes and api standard

Oilfield Pipe Specification

Oilfield Pipe Properties

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What are types of oil field pipe

The most popular types of oil field pipes are A333, A106, ASTM A53, API 5L and ASTM A312 Series 300, 400, along with ASTM A335 Grades from P5 to P91.

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What are grades of oilfield tubing

The grades of oilfield tubing are C-90, H-40, J-55, K-55, L-80, N-80, P-110, Q- 125, and T-95. Each grade comes with a different heat process.

In Dubai, you may purchase surplus oilfield pipe in a range of sizes, custom lengths, and in accordance with standards; see what does mean by terms r1, r2, r3.

What does mean by term r1, r2, r3 in surplus oilfield pipe?

The term r1, r2, r3 in surplus oilfield pipe defines the length of the pipe. R1 is the shortest length which ranges between 18-22 ft. R2 is the standard length which ranges between 27-31 ft. And R3 is the highest length which is mostly used in deepwater drilling applications. It ranges between 38-45 ft.

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What are standards of oilfield poly pipe ?

The standards of oilfield poly pipe should strictly be in accordance with the API specification 15LE, ASTM F2619, and ASTM D2513.

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What is threaded connection of oilfield drill pipe ?

The threaded connection of the oilfield drill pipe is used for connecting the drill pipe and drill string. These threaded connections are subjected to various external loads like well bore impact, load due to the uneven rock formation, axial hook load, and so on. This is a process connection type which can be installed directly to pipes and can be used with threaded fittings.