Api 5ct n80 casing

Api 5ct n80 casing

What is api 5ct n80 ?

API 5CT grade N80 is basically a medium grade for casing pipe products, which is widely used in drilling activities of oil and gas industries. The Api 5ct n80 is a carbon seamless pipe which possesses high strength and high toughness. The Api 5ct n80 casing tubing can achieve its required performance without quenching and tempering, which simplifies the production process. The Grade n80 oil well drilling tubes are widely used equipment for oil drilling activities. The N80 tubing solutions are available in different types so as to meet the requirements of different environments and applications.

The Gr. N80 casing tubing are used in various industries including construction, petroleum, shipbuilding, aviation, and many more. There are two types of N80 material, N80 type 1 and N80 type Q. They are manufactured in seamless and ERW welded variants. The pipe sizes are customizable on request.

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API 5ct N80 specification, chemical composition and specification

API 5ct N80 Casing Specification

API 5ct N80 Casing Properties

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Differences between api 5ct n80-1 and n80q

The Api n80-1 and n80q have the same chemical composition and mechanical attributes but different impact properties and delivery conditions. The delivery condition for api 5ct n80-1 is normalizing. The n80 type 1 steel is treated by normalizing and tempering whereas, n80 type q steel is treated by quenching and tempering. Thus, N80-q has higher collapsing and internal pressure strength compared to n80-1.

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What are coupling thread of api 5ct n80 casing pipe

The coupling threads of Api 5ct n80 casing pipe are BTC, LTC, Buttress (Regular and special bevel), and premium connection thread.

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Where api 5ct grade n80 tubing used ?

The Api 5ct grade n80 tubing is used in the petroleum and gas industries. They are very useful in medium pressure drilling environments like sucker rods, oil pumps, etc.

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What is manufacturing processes of api-5ct n80 casing pipe?

The manufacturing process of Api-5ct n80 casing pipe would include hot rolled in seamless and ERW welded. They are manufactured according to the API specification and in most cases it adopts the seamless type.

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What are connection type of api 5ct n80 casing ?

The connection type usually refers to BTC which is the buttress thread marked with the BC symbol. The Api 5ct n80 casing also has short threads and long threads, which are correspondingly marked as SC or LC symbol.