Pup Joints

Pup Joints

What is pup joints ?

A short casing or tubing that is used for handling the assemblies of production tubing is called Pup Joints. It is also used for spacing out full length tubing and casing strings. The npst pup joints are non-standard piping lengths that are available in two or five foot increments. However, customization is available on request. Their height can be adjusted of full length tubing and various kinds of drill pipes. The string pipes are assembled with the tubular goods having standard length and they are typically 31 feet in length. The length can be easily adjusted according to the exact requirements. They are quite dependent on the tubular goods with which they mate.

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Pup Joints for oil and gas, check specification and properties

Pup Joints Specification

Pup Joints Properties

Obtain pup casing joints suppliers in UAE and check what is the purpose of it.

What is purpose of pup casing joints ?

The pup casing joints are used for spacing out casings and tubing strings along with the subset equipment.

Select the Middle East stockists and importers of pup grade joints who give the best prices, and confirm different types

What are different types of pup joint ?

The different types of pup joints are casing pup joints, tubing pup joints, and drill pipe pup joints.

Find tubing pup joints traders in ANSI Sch 40, 80, and 60 with a full set of documentation and sample preservation; see specifications and where it is used.

What is a pup joint used for?

Pup grade joints are used for adjusting the length of tubular or casing strings according to its exact requirements.

The cut-to-length service is provided by several distributors of crossover pup joints in Dubai; make sure to check different thread types

What are different thread types of drill pipe pup joints ?

The different thread types of drill pipe pup joints are EUE, STC, NUE, LTC, and BTC.

Before making a purchase, compare the prices of perforated pup joints from two or more reliable GCC suppliers. See What are the benefits of integral pup joint

What are benefits of casing pup joints ?

The benefits of casing pup joints are:

  • It compensates for the tolerance of standard range length of casing and tubing.
  • It optimizes handling of the down-hole equipment at the rig site.
  • They can help to adjust the height of full length tubing or casing strings.
  • They can adjust the depth of down hole tools
  • They are used as an integral member of the tubing strings.