API 5ct h-40

API 5ct h-40

What is API 5CT H-40?

This is a grade within the API 5CT specification. The specification is for oil well and natural gas line pipes with high corrosion resistance and strength. The composition includes phosphorus and sulfur in API 5CT H-40 grade and it has 414MPa tensile strength. The pipe also has a wall thickness range between 0.205 inches to 0.635 inches.

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API 5ct H40 specification, chemical composition, and mechanical properties

API 5ct H-40 Specification

API 5ct H-40 Properties

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api 5ct h40 vs J55

Both grades can be used for oil and gas lines. The API 5CT Grade H40 Tubing has more tensile strength and roughness than the J55 grade. The corrosion resistance properties and the pressure capacities and temperature resistance of the J55 are less than the API 5CT H40 Seamless steel tube. The prices may differ and the availability can determine which pipe to be used. These pipes can also be used interchangeably.

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what are the end connections of API 5CT H40 Oil Casing?

The pipes have to be fitted with other pipes and components in the piping system. To facilitate this, the API 5CT H40 Oil Casing comes with beveled, square cut, threaded and plain ends with protection cap. Different suppliers have optional upgrades as well. The customers can always negotiate before order.

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API 5ct h40 vs N80

API 5CT H40 casing pipe for water well is made with dimensions ranging from 4.5 inches to 20 inches in casting. They have phosphorus and sulfur in the composition. The pipes have a minimum yield strength of 276MPa and a the tensile strength is 414MPa. The N80 pipes are available in N80-1 and N80-Q types. The pipes can be treated with normalizing, hardening and extinguishing. The pipe usage is in the geothermal wells, methane extraction, oil and gas and other petroleum applications. The API 5CT tubing H-40 can be produced seamless or welded with outer diameters ranging up to 114.3mm. The two grades can be interchangeably used in applications.

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What are API 5CT Grade H40 OCTG Tubing thread connection types?

These pipes are made with plain, beveled and threaded pipe ends. The API 5CT Grade H40 OCTG Tubing can be made in different thread types such as UN/UNF, NPT/NPTF, BSPP, BSPT, metric parallel and metric tapered. The API 5CT Grade H40 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubings can be used with similar type of threadings in the pipe fittings and other components.

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What are the defects of API 5CT H40 Casing?

Although the API 5CT H40 Casing pipes are manufactured according to certain standards, they have to be inspected for defects. Quenching cracks can be seen and arc burns are possible on pipes. The API 5CT H-40 Casing Steel Pipe can have surface cracking defects that can induce wall thicknesses to go less than 87.5% of the original are considered defects. The internal upset structure and any non-surface cracks can also be considered defects on the API5CT Gr.H40 Casing Pipe. So, there are methods to inspect the pipes and to confirm that they are void of any defects.