13crmo44 pipe

13crmo44 Pipe

What is 13crmo44 pipe ?

13crmo44 is the specification for low-alloy steel which contains chromium and molybdenum in its chemical composition for strengthening. The 13crmo44 Pipe comes with a good mechanical property which is quite similar to the 12CrMo grade. The DIN 1.7335 Seamless Tube is generally used in quenched and tempered conditions. They are basically used as heating surface pipes in low to medium pressure boilers. They show good resistance to corrosion. Due to the properties, the 13crmo4-5 pipe is used in pipes of petrochemical industries and high pressure boilers.

The DIN 17175 13CrMo44 Boiler Steel Pipe can also resist extreme temperatures and high pressure. They are widely used in industries like pharmaceutical, oil and gas, chemical, food processing, etc. The DIN 17175 Grade 13CrMo44 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes are treated prior and post the manufacturing process, which enhances the natural corrosion resisting properties of the material, and thus the chances of getting rust also lessens. It possesses good hot and cold workability. It also has excellent weldability and machinability at room and elevated temperature conditions.

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13crmo44 Pipe Specification

13crmo44 Pipe Properties

What is welding process of 13crmo44 material ?

The 13crmo44 material is preheated before the welding process. This helps to prevent cold cracks and stress cracks in the welding process of the DIN 17175 13CrMo44 Alloy Steel Pipe. The preheating temperature lies between 150 degrees C and 300 degrees C, according to the thickness of the pipe wall. Before welding the pipe it should be cleaned properly and get rid of oil, paint, rust, etc. Then the groove should be opened according to the thickness of the pipe. The butt gap is usually between 1-1.5 times the wire diameter or welding rod. Spot welding of these pipes is at three points, but four is generally better

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What are material properties of din 17175 13crmo44 pipes ?

The material properties of DIN 17175 13CrMo44 Pipes would include:

  • High strength. The min tensile strength lies between 440-590 MPa, whereas the min yield strength is 290 MPa
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Can be used for harsh environments
  • Good mechanical properties
  • The thickness of these pipes can range between 1.8mm to 22mm.
  • It has good hot and cold working properties.

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What are astm and asme equiavlent of 13 cr mo 44?

The ASTM 13crmo44 astm equivalent is ASTM A335.

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How should increase 13crmo44 alloy steel boiler tubes surface hardness ?

The surface hardness of the 13CrMo44 Alloy Steel Boiler Tubes can be increased through carburization. It is basically a heat treatment process wherein carbon is absorbed as the metal is heated with the intent of making metal harder.

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What are different 13crmo4-5 pipe end ?

The different types of 13crmo4-5 pipe ends are:

  • Plain Ends (PE)
  • Bevelled Ends (BW)
  • Threaded Ends (TE)
  • Grooved Ends or Grooved Mechanical Joints