15Mo3 pipe

15Mo3 pipe

What is a 15Mo3 pipe?

Boilers produce hot water and steam needed in many industrial applications. The pipes and tubes in the boiler should have the capability to withstand high temperatures and pressure. Hence, they should be firm and with high corrosion resistance.

15Mo3 pipe is one such pipe that is ideal for aggressive pressure and high temperature for not only boilers but also for many other applications. It is because of the 15Mo3 chrome molybdenum steel alloy with DIN-specified pressure vessel grade. The significant reason is to withstand temperatures up to 600 C or 1112 F and equivalent high pressures.

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15Mo3 Pipe Specification

15Mo3 Pipe Properties

What are 15Mo3 tube equivalent ASTM materials?

15Mo3 tube made from ASTM A204 15Mo3 alloy steel has high strength because of its low carbon content of 0.12 to 0.2%. DIN 17175 Grade 15Mo3 Seamless Boiler Tube have a high withstand power of over 20% than its many equivalents. Also, its temperature resistance up to 600 C is higher than other low-carbon steels.

DIN 17175 Grade 15Mo3 Carbon Steel Seamless Tubes has many equivalent grades. ASTM 204, WNR 15415, JIS G3115, EN 10028-2, and BS 1501. are few of its grades. And all of them are low-carbon steel alloys to make high-quality tubes with excellent properties for various applications.

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15Mo3 vs 16Mo3

15Mo3 and 16Mo3 are boiler-pressure vessel steel alloys with many similar properties. But 16Mo3, the next version of 15Mo3, is best for high-heat applications because it has additional molybdenum. Also, the excess chromium content of 16Mo3 of 030 vs. 0.25 of 15Mo3 makes it more corrosion resistive.

DIN 17175 Seamless Tubes made from 15Mo3 steel alloy have the same tensile and yield strength as 16Mo3 pipes and tubes. The excess molybdenum content increases the pitting resistance of 16Mo3 and enhances its creep strength. Also, it is ideal for resisting hydrogen attack and graphitization.

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What are in standards of 15Mo3 seamless pipe?

Since the manufacturing of 15Mo3 seamless pipe is per the DIN specification, many refer to it as CS or MS pipes. DIN stands for German Institute for Standardization, a prestigious standardization for metals and alloys. The standards get the approval of DIN committees like CEN or the committee for European standards and ISO or an international standardization organization.

DIN 17175 15Mo3 Seamless Pipes made from low carbon steel alloy with many elements are best in boilers and other industrial applications. The DIN 17175 for 15Mo3 Seamless Boiler Tube also has other standards like DIN 2609 Grade 15Mo3 Pipe. The DIN 17175 was replaced by DIN 10216-2 in 1993 but with the same properties.

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Advantages and disadvantages of DIN 17175 15Mo3 alloy steel pipe

DIN 17175 15Mo3 Alloy Steel Pipe has many advantages because of its high strength and corrosion resistance. Since DIN 17175 Seamless Steel Pipe is made from low carbon molybdenum-chromium alloy, it resists high temperatures to be suitable for boiler vessel applications and many others.

Din 17175 Seamless Steel Pipe for Heat Exchanger is because of its heat resistance to even up to 600 C or 1112 F. Hence apart from boiler vessel applications, and it is also best for collective chambers, hot gas distributors, and many others. Also, because of its weldable grade suits to make bolts, coils, nuts, flanges, etc. The disadvantage is not using it in applications above 600C.

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Where is tubo 15Mo3 suitable to use?

There are many applications to use Tubo 15Mo3 as it resists high temperatures up to 600 C and high-pressure levels. Hence, it finds application in boiler systems: pressure vessels, pipeline systems, and others. It includes heat exchangers, chemical processing plants, and others.

Tube 15Mo3, made from low-carbon steel with chromium, molybdenum, and other elements, withstands 20% more pressure than most of the other steel alloys. Hence wherever the need to withstand high temperature and pressure, tube 15Mo3 finds use to give optimal performance.