AX Ring Gaskets

ax ring gaskets

What are AX Ring Gaskets?

Often, ring joint gaskets are machined to suit a specific purpose. And one such type is the AX ring gaskets. These are manufactured by processes like forging, heat treatment, and machining for specialized applications. These are mostly used with H-4 hydraulic connections in sub-sea production equipment. Examples would be BOP stacks and sub-sea Christmas trees. These gaskets are a variation of the octagonal ring-type joint gaskets and hence have a radial sealing effect. It too has types – the VX and CX types of gaskets.

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Applications of Ax Gaskets

AX gaskets might be a variation of the octagonal RTJ gaskets and even have similar functions. However, these look and function differently than them. These AX type gaskets can seal flange connections even in high temperatures and pressure. This makes them suitable for different applications. But instead of API flanges, these gaskets are used for hydraulic connectors. These are mostly applied in high-pressure sub-sea applications. Industries such as offshore petroleum refining, oil drilling and more utilize these gaskets to ensure leak-free equipment. Also, other applications are valves, pipework assemblies and vessel joints.

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What is the main advantage of an Ax Ring?

An AX ring is primarily a specialized gasket used for underwater oil and petrochemical applications. These are done at a depth of 4,000-8000 ft and naturally require robust sealing devices. The specialized gaskets can not only handle such high pressures but also maintain a strong seal. Like some other RTJ gaskets, AX special ring gaskets are pressure energized which makes them efficient under high pressure. While standard sizes are available, these gaskets can also be custom manufactured for a specific purpose or application. Contact a reliable gasket manufacturer to know more.

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What are the seal faces of Gaskets Ring AX?

The gaskets ring AX being a type of RTJ gasket ensure metal-to-metal sealing between the contact surfaces. Since deformation takes place, the gasket must be around 15-20 HB less hard than them. But that’s not all. For efficient sealing to take place, these gaskets should conform to the guidelines regarding their seal faces. Neither the seal faces nor the bezels should have scratches, cracks marks or any sort of defects. Also, the surface roughness of an AX style gasket should not be higher than 0.8 Ra. This is for all materials, such as the AX steel ring gasket.

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Guide to AX Gaskets and Sealing Rings Material Selection

A common characteristic of AX gaskets and sealing rings with other RTJ gaskets is that either requires efficient material selection. While most sub sea applications are subject to extreme temperature and pressure, not each is the same. Therefore, depending on the application the benefits of the most suitable materials are utilized. Among the most popular is the 300lb SS 304 AX ring gasket, but it depends on your usage.

Here are the various other material options to choose from:

  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Soft Iron
  • Low Carbon Steel, SS410, SS304, SS316(L), SS347
  • Aluminium
  • Copper,
  • Inconel 800, 625, 600, 825
  • Monel 400
  • Titanium
  • Nickel 20
  • Hastelloy C276
  • Zirconium 702
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Benefits of using AX Ring Joint Gasket

There are several benefits to using an AX ring joint gasket, the reason why these are preferred in demanding situations. These are:

  • These gaskets can be applied in high-pressure sub-sea applications and offer pressure-energized sealing.
  • The gaskets can be manufactured in both standard and non-standard sizes. Many manufacturers also take custom orders.
  • AX metal gaskets are lighter and save time in installation. These are used for hydraulic connectors instead of the API flanges.
  • AX ring RTJ gaskets can be used as an alternative to API ring gaskets.