BX 151 ring gasket

BX 151 Ring Gasket

What Is BX 151 Ring Gasket?

The BX-style gasket is a pressure-energized version of the standard R-type gasket. The BX 151 ring gasket is one of the many standard sizes available. The gasket has a square cross-section and comes with bevelled corners. It is suitable for 1-13/16” flanges (albeit only API 6BX flanges) and can handle pressure up to 20000 psi. These gaskets can be ordered in custom sizes from any major brand. They manufacture Bx 151 RTJ gaskets as per API 6A and ASME B16.20 standards.

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BX 151 Gasket can only be used with 6BX flanges?

A major aspect of gasket performance is its compatibility with the flanges. The BX gaskets in general are only suitable for use with API 6BX flanges. And the same goes for the Ring gasket BX 151 too. The pitch diameter of the BX151 ring joint gasket is slightly higher than that of the flange. Thus, the gasket seals firstly on the outside angles, and then again on the inside angles as bolts are tightened. The best materials for these gaskets are low carbon steel, soft iron, Stainless steel and certain other alloys.

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Ring Gasket BX 151 designed can for higher-pressure applications?

BX series 151 gaskets are designed to handle higher pressure, compared to other kinds of RTJ gaskets. For example, an RX-type gasket can handle pressure up to 5000 psi while a regular R-type gasket can handle up to 10,000 psi. On the other hand, the BX 151 ring groove gaskets surpass both and are efficient up to 20,000 psi pressure. Because of its design, the gasket is pre-compressed when seated, thus creating high seating stress. Some of the widely used applications of the BX 151 gasket are in refineries, petrochemical industries, drilling wellhead equipment and more.

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Hardness of BX-151 Octagonal Ring Joint

The hardness of a BX-151 octagonal ring joint gasket is determined by the material used to manufacture it. Since the gasket experiences load, its hardness level determines its integrity and thus is highly important. The common way to measure these gaskets’ hardness is using the Brinell (HB) or Rockwell (RC) scale. The former is preferred because of its reliability and accuracy. For the most common materials like soft iron or SS 316L, the hardness is 90 and 160 Brinell respectively. Other alloys like the Alloy 321 on the other hand, are rated to 213 Brinell.

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What Is BX 151 Series Gaskets Surface finish?

Surface finish is an important aspect of gaskets, especially for metal ones like the SS 316L BX151 RTJ gasket. These gaskets ensure face-to-face contact with the flanges, and adhering to the surface finish guidelines is most important. Not doing so may result in less optimum gasket performance, and in the worst cases, leakage. Surface finish is calculated in Rough average (Ra), measured in microinches (AAHS) or micrometres (RMS). The BX151 oval 316 Stainless steel RTJ ring gasket is to have a smoother surface than the R or R style gaskets. These can have a maximum of 0.8μm roughness.

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Codes & Standards for SS 316L BX151 RTJ Gasket Design

The Gasket ring BX 151 316 Stainless steel API 10000-20000 psi is subject to various codes and standards. BX gaskets are pressure-energized gaskets and can withstand higher pressures. All genuine manufacturers follow the ASME B16.20 and API 6A standards when it comes to manufacturing these. However, there are various other standards and even custom manufacturing takes place for certain applications. Following the standard helps in keeping with the regulations and jurisdiction of a given country. Moreover, any genuine BX gasket can offer other benefits in terms of costs, safety and performance.