BX 158 Ring Gasket

bx 158 ring gasket

When elevated pressure conditions are concerned, the most suitable product for use case is Bx158 ring gasket.

  • It is because they can be pressure tolerant up to 20,000 psi high level pressure conditions.
  • These properties are carefully considered, as they are manufactured in accordance with ASME B16.20, API 17D and API 6A standards.
  • When supported with correct fitting, the style or features that are offered by BX158 RTJ ring joint gasket are awesome. It is because they allow contact of faces of flanges that are virtually face to face.
  • This means that this product is confined both outer and inner diameters.
  • Even seawater applications aspire for this product, thanks to their design.

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Specification of BX 158 ring gasket

Flange size Manufacturing Standard BX 158 ring gasket thickness
  • 11 inch
  • ASME B16.20
  • API 6A
  • API 17D
  • 1mm – 12mm

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Tolerances Service Temperature BX 158 ring gasket Material
  • Width of Ring : +0.20
  • Height of Ring : +0.20
  • OD : -0.15
  • Hole Size : 0.12
  • -75° F to 350° F
  • Stainless steel
  • Low carbon steel
  • Soft iron
  • Urethane
Service Types Maximum surface finish
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  • BX 158 ring gasket
  • BX158 Oval Type RTJ Gasket
  • BX 158 SRX type Ring Type Joint Gaskets
  • API 6A 6BX 158 Octagonal cross section RTJ Gaskets
  • SS304 BX 158 Kammprofile Gaskets
  • Ring Joint Gasket Bx-158
  • BX 158 RX type Ring Type Joint Gaskets
  • BX 158 type Ring Type Joint Gaskets
  • 0.8 μm Ra / 32 μin RMS
BX 158 ring gasket applications BX 158 ring gasket face Pressure rating
  • Biotech
  • Oil & Gas companies
  • Brewing
  • Pharmaceutical sector
  • Power generations
  • Food processing
  • Beverage
  • Sanitary pipe lines
  • Dairy
  • Full-Face
  • IBC
  • upto 20,000 psi

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There are many benefits that can be seen by using BX 158 gasket.

  • It is because it is positioned inside the bolts of the flanges, and around the bore pipes.
  • Adding to this, the design which is a raised face, sits on the surface that is raised.
  • This design or nomenclature for gasket ring BX-158 provides materials which are less.
  • Not only this, they even offer fewer cutting properties, which can be installed very easily. But this installation is supported without the joint dissembling.
  • Most importantly, when one chooses BX158 RTJ gasket, only three dimensional aspects are demanded, internal diameter, outer diameter and thickness of the gasket.

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Because of the wide industrial use case, ring joint gasket BX 158 are available in the size 11’.

  • Not only this, the associated pressure rating considered for the same is 10,000, 150000 and 20000 psi.
  • But there are use cases, that reveal that custom or specific dimensions for BX158 ring gasket are needed. Then in such cases, one can demand for price quotations for the same from suppliers. Or they can check for alternatives.
  • Hence, one can get readily stocks for the gaskets from the listed suppliers at pipingmaterial.ae. Here every value added aspects for the customers are taken care.
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View benefits of using bx158 ring joint gasket as per ASME B16.20 can save your 20%-30% cost

Carefully examine the working conditions, before purchasing API 6A 6BX bx158 gaskets. For instance, check for its temperature conditions. Wondering how? It is mainly depended entirely on the chosen material for the gasket. If longevity and longer life-span is concerned, gasket are made by using stainless steel 316.

Each material shows unique properties, as per their defined temperature range. Below is the table which reflects for the same.

Material Temperature (in°F)
Urethane -22 to 230
SS 304 -328 to 860
SS 316 -328 to 788
Soft iron -148 to 932
Low carbon steel -148 to 932