Kammprofile Gaskets

kammprofile gaskets

What Are Kammprofile Gaskets?

Gasket selection for any given application depends on a lot of things, among which are the gasket’s characteristics. Kammprofile gaskets (or Camprofile gaskets) are among the most durable available in the industry. These gaskets have a solid metal core, usually made of a material like carbon steel, Stainless Steel 316 and so on. The gasket material has serrations done by machining, for the attachment of a facing (filler) material. It is usually graphite facing, while other non-asbestos filers like mica, and PTFE can also be used. A variation is Kammprofile Gaskets with loose outer ring. In these, a notch is turned on the outer circumference and a loose centring ring is inserted.

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Is Flexitallic Kammprofile Gasket Reusable?

Any genuine Flexitallic Kammprofile gasket comes with years of proven technology backing it up. With the right material selection, these gaskets have a lengthy life and ensure lower maintenance costs. Among the numerous advantages of the product is the fact that it can be reused. With professional refacing and other techniques, these gaskets continue to be useful even if refurbished. This is usually preferred when a Kammprofile gasket Flexitallic with an expensive metal core is in question. The brand offers services in its service stations, as well as through the mobile service unit.

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Strengths & Weaknesses of Grooved Metal Gasket Kammprofile

A grooved metal gasket Kammprofile has both strengths and weaknesses that must be considered before choosing it for an application.


  • These gaskets are an ideal choice for high-temperature and high-pressure applications. They are durable and can take huge bolt loads, compared to RTJ, spiral wound or jacketed gaskets.
  • These are extremely resilient to radial sheer.
  • The gasket’s sealing area can be adjusted for a better seal.
  • These are suitable for different flange configurations.


The hard nature of these gaskets makes them easily affected by irregularities on flange faces. So ensuring the flange seating surface is free from dents and scratches is most important.

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Industrial application of Garlock Kammprofile Gasket

Contacting a reliable manufacturer gives you the scope of ordering a Garlock Kammprofile gasket for various industrial applications. The effective sealing and performance that these gaskets offer make them suitable for oil and gas, power plants, and other industries. These are used in the petrochemical industry in environments involving superheated steam or high-pressure hydrocarbons. Heat exchangers and pipelines also use these. In power plants, a Garlock Kammprofile Grooved Gasket is used with manhole covers for pressurizers or steam generators. They are also widely used as heat exchanger gaskets and valve cap gaskets.

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Advantages of Flexpro Kammprofile Gaskets

Flexpro Kammprofile gaskets are products of the highest standards, that customers regard for their reliability and effectiveness. If you are wondering whether these should be the right choice for your application, this can help make a decision.

Advantages of the Gasket

  • It can seal pressure up to 250 bar.
  • It can be easily removed without damaging the flange face.
  • It can adapt to any existing arrangements, without the need for modifications.
  • It is less sensitive to inaccurate bolt tensioning.
  • Lower maintenance costs are involved with these gaskets.
  • After inspection, cleaning and re-layering, the metal core can be reused.
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Design features & performance of Kammprofile Gasket For Heat Exchanger

Compared to jacketed gaskets, getting Kammprofile gasket for heat exchanger is increasingly proving to be a better option. The serration on these gaskets minimizes lateral movement, while the metal core makes it rigid and blowout resistant. These have turned out to be effective and cost-effective sealing options for heat exchangers. To begin with, these are usable with TEMA flanges and can be supplied with pass partition flanges if necessary. These also have low seating stress and offer high-integrity sealing. Both these features make products like Kammprofile gasket further suitable for heat exchanger applications.

How To Calculate Kammprofile Gasket Thickness?

The right Kammprofile gasket thickness is defined by the application it is to be used. There are two separate thicknesses to be considered. The first is the core thickness, and the other is the thickness after assembly. The recommended core thickness is usually 3 – 4 mm. The exact value is determined by the use scenario. Although using a replacement gasket with a 4 mm core should not pose any major problems. After assembly takes place, the thickness of the sealing material is left very thin. This helps in reducing the chances of leaks and overall failure rate, and also lowering the environmental pollution.