Bx 153 ring gasket

Bx 153 Ring Gasket

What Is BX 153 Ring Gasket?

A ring joint gasket is manufactured for high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Known to provide efficient sealing, these are also available in several variations, like the BX 153 ring gasket. Characteristic of BX-style gaskets, these too have bevelled edges and square cross-sections. The gasket also has small axial holes to release pressure, which prevents sealing differential and ensures safety. The manufacturing of a BX 153 gasket is done following the API 6A and ASME B16.20 standards. However, it is not interchangeable with other gaskets, like the RX style.

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Can You Use A Bx 153 Gasket On A Api 6a Flange?

Manufacturing of an API BX 153 seal ring gasket certainly follows the API 6A standards. So, it is suitable on an API 6A flange. These gaskets only fit API 6BX flanges and are not interchangeable. The flange size of 2-9/16” is the right one for BX153 ring groove dimensions. Applications using this flange size are where these gaskets are employed. Their characteristic pressure rating of 5000 – 20,000 psi is what makes them suitable for high-pressure applications. Some of the uses are in oil refineries, petrochemical industries, pressure vessels, wellhead equipment and more.

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How Does A Ring Gasket Bx 153 Seal?

Want to know about the sealing of an ASME B16.20 type BX 153 ring gasket? Here you go. The pitch diameters on BX gaskets are a little larger than the pitch diameter of the flange it is to seal. When bolted to needed settings, an initial seal forms on its outside angles, while a secondary seal forms with its inside angles. There are also options to get lead or silver plating on these gaskets that make them easier to deform and aid in sealing. Remember to specify that when ordering if you require a BX -153 API plated ring gasket.

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Can Ring Gasket Bx 153 Be Reused?

As functional and efficient as these gaskets may be at sealing, the ring gasket BX 153 isn’t recommended for reuse. These gaskets are deformed into the gasket surface for the sealing to take place. And once that happens, the gasket becomes unfit for reuse. Moreover, once the gasket is deformed, it leads to the soft hardening of the flange surface. This can damage the ring grooves. And it’s not just for the gaskets of one brand, but all of them. For example, the ring joint gasket Sara Sae BX-153 SS 304 is not recommended for reuse by the manufacturer.

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Guide To BX 153 Style Ring joint Gaskets Material Selection

Material selection of the BX 153 style ring joint gaskets primarily depends on two things. The first is its chemical compatibility with the medium, and the other is the hardness of the flanges. Based on this, the right material is selected from choices like Stainless steel, soft iron and low steel carbon. Other alloys are also used if the application demands it. The major consideration here is that the gasket has to be softer than the flange for the seal to take place. Also, if that is not the case, there is a chance that the flange face may be damaged.

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Benefits Of RTJ Gasket BX-153

While it is only compatible with the API 6BX flanges, there are plenty of benefits that an RTJ gasket BX-153 offers. The most notable of them is its ability to handle up to 20,000 psi pressure. This makes it suitable for high-pressure applications like oil refineries and petrochemical industries. Then comes the fact that these gaskets offer reliable sealing, and are pressure energized. Also, there are pressure holes for pressure equalization as well. The functioning of a BX-153 S-316 gasket ring is not bothered by fluctuations in temperature or pressure. This is another benefit that they offer.