Oval ring joint gasket

Oval Ring Joint Gasket

What Is Oval Ring Gasket?

Ring joint gasket manufacturers offer a variety of shapes depending on customer requirements. And an oval ring joint gasket is an R Style ring joint gasket, with an oval cross-section. There is also the octagonal ring joint gasket, which comes with an octagonal cross section. Both an octagonal and oval RTJ gasket has the same pitch diameter as the flange face they are chosen for. They can handle pressure even above 5000 psi. These are hence most useful in oilfields, petroleum and other such industries.

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Why Use Oval Ring Joint Gasket?

An oval ring gasket comes into use in applications that involve high temperature and high pressure. However, it is especially suitable for flanges where the older round bottom grooves are used. Modern octagonal grooves, however, accept both styles. And thus either an octagonal or oval ring type joint gasket may be used. Some of the common uses of these gaskets are in the petroleum and oil drilling industries. These are also used in other high-temperature or pressure applications, as well as in valves, and pipework assemblies.

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How To Make Oval R-type Ring Joint Gasket?

An RTJ oval ring gasket is made through mechanical work on forged or laminated metals. The manufacturing of these takes place by conforming to API 6A or ASME B16.20 standards. Materials used in the manufacturing of these gaskets are low-carbon steel and stainless steel. Depending on customer requirements, rubber-coated products are also available. In any case, the gasket is made to be softer than the flange grooves. Also, various manufacturers can make customized oval ring type gasket sizes, other than the standard ones. The top manufacturers don’t just stick to the API and ASME standards. They also offer PTFE oval ring joint gasket that prevents gasket or flange erosion.

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Advantages Of Oval RTJ Gasket

The RTJ Oval gasket thanks to its durability offers the most benefits in high-temperature and high-pressure applications. These are the preferred choices in various industries like petroleum, oil drilling and more, over other kinds of gaskets. But modern ring-type oval gaskets are more versatile. As a result, today these are also applied in valves, piping systems and some high-integrity pressure vessel joints. Another advantage of these gaskets is the fact that they are 15-20% cheaper than octagonal RTJ gaskets. Precisely manufactured ring-type oval gaskets can handle temperatures up to 1000 degrees Celcius, and maximum 1300 bar pressure (approx).

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How To Identify SOFT Iron Oval Ring Joint Gasket?

The most common material for manufacturing RTJ gaskets of oval shape is Stainless Steel. But, soft iron is also often used to manufacture what are known as soft iron oval ring gaskets. Like metal gaskets, these also require a higher seating force for a seal to take place. Also, the gasket must be “softer” than the flange grooves. Now soft iron gaskets are characterized by their lower hardness levels. For example, while the hardness of stainless steel 304 is 160 Brinell, that of soft iron is less than 90.

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Important Considerations Of Oval Ring Type Joint Gasket

While the R Type oval ring joint gasket is a widely used product, there are things to know about it. This helps you order a suitable product for any given purpose. To begin with, these gaskets can only be used with round bottom grooves. Also, the other kind of Style R gasket, the octagonal RTJ gasket is known to provide better sealing. Again, these are interchangeable for modern octagonal grooved type flanges. It is also recommended that the RTJ gaskets with oval shapes be replaced once the flange connection is broken.