Lens Ring Joint Gasket

lens ring joint gasket

What is a Lens ring joint gasket?

Ring joints or RTJ gaskets are among the most versatile and reliable sealing devices that have diverse uses. Among the ones is a lens ring joint gasket, suitable for conical flanges. Also known as lenticular flanges, these offer high-integrity seals for certain special applications. They have a spherical sealing surface that creates the seal when they come in contact with the conical flange surface. Like most other RTJ gaskets, these too must be softer than the flange for the plastic deformation to take place.

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Applications of Lens gasket

A lens gasket is used on pipe flanges in synthesizing lines of ammonia and methane at high temperatures and high pressure. It is also used in high-pressure polymerizing lines of polythene and has a pressure rating of 3000 atm.

The hardness of the gasket must be at least 20 HB less than that of the flanges. It is also used to seal flanges at high temperatures and pressure pipe systems. The industries which use it are:

  • Petroleum processing
  • Oil refining
  • Electricity generated by firepower
  • Textile and other light industries
  • Pipelines and valves of natural gas and so on.

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How to identify the Hayward lens gasket?

Hayward gaskets are popular options when it comes to a pool light lens gasket. When ordering these it is important to make sure you’re getting the right product. Or else, there might be additional costs and a ton of inconvenience waiting for you. Now every genuine Hayward lens gasket comes with Hayward branding on it. Moreover, there is going to be a model number and other information marked on it as well. So make sure to check it the next time you order gaskets for your Hayward underwater light.

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How does a Lens ring gasket create a seal?

A lens ring gasket is used in various high-temperature and high-pressure piping systems for sealing. The sealing surface is angled at 20 degrees towards the centre of the bore. Hence, the joint in these differs from a standard raised face flange joint. The gasket is made from a metal that is softer than the flange so that compressive load plastically deforms it. It has a special sealing surface and requires special angles to be machined on the flange surface. The DIN 2696 and B16.95 standards specify these gaskets be made only by certain carbon steel, and stainless steel grades.

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Advantages of Lens gasket flange

The lens gasket flange has various advantages, compared to regular gaskets. It is thus suitable for different high-pressure and high-temperature uses where others aren’t.

  • The gasket is resistant to contact surface over-stressing. Rather, with an increase in load, the contact surface between the flange and the gasket increases.
  • Because of a small contact area, these seal with a comparatively smaller bolt load.
  • The gasket can be reused several times because of the way it is designed and its elastically deforming nature.
  • Genuine products like the Pentair lens gasket are almost totally resistant to a blowout.
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How do you keep Pool light lens gasket from rusting?

When it comes to a pool light, it is rated for continuous use for thousands of hours. However, the major cause of their failure is fixture leakage, caused by rust. Even the best Hayward pool light lens gasket fails due to rusting. The best way to keep soft iron or carbon steel gasket lens from rusting is to keep them dry. Then, choosing stainless for the Hayward or Pentair pool light lens gasket also makes it rust-resistant. And finally plating the gasket with a suitable material also protects it from rust.