Bx 154 ring gasket

BX 154 Ring Gasket

What Is BX 154 Ring Gasket?

A BX ring gasket is a variation of the R Style gasket used in applications that demand a higher pressure rating. The BX 154 ring gasket is suitable for 3-1/16” sized flanges, although only API 6BX flanges can be used. The gasket ensures virtual face-to-face contact between flanges. Thus it is trapped completely both on its inner and outer diameters. It is energized by pressure and provides better sealing when pressure increases. The specialty of all BX gaskets, including the BX 154 gasket is the presence of pressure-equalizing holes.

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Surface finish of BX 154 Gasket

The surface finish of BX gaskets is among the things that need attention, other than its hardness and dimensional accuracy. The ring gasket BX 154 creates the seal by flowing into the flange face under compressive force. This is why the surface finish of both the gasket and the flange face is important for proper sealing. A higher surface finish also means higher costs, which is not desirable. Now for the gasket, the surface finish should be no more than 0.8μm roughness per the recommendations. It is measured in Ra, the unit for the arithmetic average of the surface heights measured across a surface.

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Advantages Of BX-154 Metal Ring Gasket

Metal ring gaskets are known for the several advantages they offer for the application they are used in. The gasket ring BX-154 SS 316 is a common choice. While it may suit only a specific flange face (API 6BX), it can handle pressure up to 20,000 psi. This makes it suitable for diverse high-pressure applications that use these flanges. The seal that the gasket provides is reliable and is made further efficient with an increase in internal pressure. Also, it has holes for pressure equalization. This boosts the reliability of the seal and ensures safety. Options like the BX-154 API plated ring gasket can ensure better performance and longevity as well.

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What Industries And Equipment Use BX-154 Octagonal Ring Joint?

BX gaskets due to their construction and pressure rating, are applied in fields where higher pressure is involved. The BX-154 octagonal ring joint gasket, compared to other R-style gaskets is capable of bearing high pressure. These are rated for applications with a pressure rating of 5000-20,000 psi.

Some of these are:

  • Offshore and onshore petrochemical industry
  • Oil-field drilling and completion equipment
  • High-pressure valves and pipework assemblies
  • High integrity pressure vessel joints.

Other than being able to handle high pressure, BX 154 ring joint gaskets are also pressure-energized. This further increases their efficiency.

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Reasons to Use ASME B16.20 BX 154 Ring Type Gasket

Choosing the proper gasket for BX 154 ring groove dimensions is crucial for efficient sealing. Making a mistake will result in additional costs and time and of course the inconvenience that no one wants.

Here are the reasons to use BX 154 metal ring gasket for the suitable API 6BX flanges.

  • The gasket ensures proper sealing and is largely reliable, even under high pressure. Also, with an increase in the internal pressure, the sealing is made even better.
  • It can function subsea, when a hole is drilled into it, thus making it an SBX-type gasket.
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What costs are involved with a BX-154 Ring Groove failure?

While the scenario is indeed unfortunate, BX 154 ring groove failure is not all that uncommon. No matter what the cause may be, it demands immediate repairs. And bad news, this will involve additional costs such as transport, labor and repairs or replacements. The first thing to do is to inspect the ring grove on the flange first. If it is the gasket needs replacing, make sure you order a quality product. A Flexitallic BX 154 RTJ ring gasket can be a good fit. But if it is the groove that has been damaged, you may need to replace the flange face instead.