BX152 ring gasket

BX152 Ring Gasket

What Is BX152 Ring Gasket?

Ring gaskets are among the versatile options for sealing purposes. These don’t just provide reliable sealing but are also available in different styles and sizes. One such option is the BX 152 ring gasket. The materials used for the manufacturing of these gaskets are varied. While most applications are sufficient with soft iron or Stainless steel, others require exotic alloys. The latter are expensive but offer better hardness, and hence are more durable. Manufacturing of BX 152 gasket is subject to various quality tests. Manufacturers strictly follow the API 6A and ASME B16.20 standards.

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What Is BX 152 Gasket Pitch Diameter?

The pitch diameter or pitch circle diameter is also known as the effective diameter of a gasket. Unlike a full-face gasket, there are no holes in an RTJ gasket. So it’s best to consider it as a clock, and take the diameter from two diametrically opposite positions. In this instance, these would be the imaginary 9 and 3 positions. In a type API BX-152 SS 316 ring gasket, its pitch diameter is bigger than the flange. As a result, sealing takes place twice. The primary sealing is on the outside angles, while the secondary sealing takes place on the inner angles.

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BX-152 Octagonal Ring Joint are widely used in Petrochemical Industries?

The BX-152 octagonal ring joint gasket is capable of handling high pressure. Although only suitable for API 6BX flanges, these have a higher pressure rating of up to 20,000 psi. This is much higher than R or RX style gaskets, which can handle up to 10,000 psi and 5,000 psi pressure respectively. The BX-152 seal ring joint gasket is therefore employed in petrochemical industries, and others involving high-pressure conditions. Moreover, since these are pressure-energized gaskets, they offer more efficient sealing with increasing pressure.

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How to do pressure relief hole in BX 152 Ring Type Gasket to equalize pressure across sealing faces?

Per API 6A guidelines, the BX gaskets are to be used with API 6BX flanges. All BX gaskets, including BX 152 ring type gasket comes with small axial holes to equalize pressure. The tension in flange bolts makes the ring fit, creating stress. This ensures that the ring maintains a seal even without pressure. These holes are needed to equalize pressure in the pockets that can be created between the groove and the ring. This is important because the formation of a pressure differential causes inefficient sealing. Moreover, the pressure release helps keep personnel working with the equipment safe.

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Installation Method Of BX 152 API 6A High Pressure O Rings?

BX 152 API 6A high pressure o ring has to be installed correctly for leak-proof sealing. This also makes certain of the long-term usage of the gasket, thus avoiding premature replacement and the costs involved. During the installation, the ring is compressed inwards for additional sealing stress. The BX152 RTJ gasket is for use with API 6BX flanges, where it forms a metal-to-metal sealing upon installation. The gasket also has a semi-self-tightening effect and is pressure energized. Meaning that it offers further efficient sealing when the internal pressure of the flange increases.

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Advantages of a RTJ Gaskets Bx152 API 6A

The RTJ gaskets BX 152 API 6A have various advantages that make them suitable over other kinds of gaskets. As long the API 6BX flanges are used, the gasket is fit for application.

Here’s why they are advantageous:

  • The API 6A type BX 152 ring-joint gaskets can withstand system pressure up to 20,000 psi. Only a few other gaskets have such high-pressure ratings.
  • Being RTJ gaskets, these offer efficient and reliable sealing. Moreover, its pressure-energized nature makes them even more purposeful.
  • These can function without being bothered by fluctuating temperatures and pressure.