HX Seal Rings

HX seal rings

What are HX Seal Rings?

There are times when deepwater usage demands a bi-directional seal ring. And it is in these times that HX seal rings are used. It has a symmetrical cross-section with an upper and lower groove. The outer handling groove and the inner identical groove form a “waist” that increases flexibility and prevents misalignment. The seal is pressure energized, both by internal as well as external pressure. And the major highlight of HX sealing rings is that they function equally well in either direction. The most common uses of these are in demanding systems that need robust seals.

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Features of HX Ring

The HX ring gasket is a superb choice for underwater use. Here are some of its key features for which it comes out as the better sealing tool in certain scenarios.

  • 1. The seal diameters and seating forces are reduced with the use of these rings.
  • 2. HX o-rings are designed for compact connections. This maximizes the capability of pressure equipment to handle the load.
  • 3. These ensure leak-free connection, and a tight metal-to-metal, pressure-energized seal.
  • 4. The gaskets can maintain a seal at the most extreme pressure.
  • 5. The use of strong materials facilitates the reuse of the rings. These also meet NACE hardness limits.

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How to install an HX Seal Ring Gasket?

As efficient as an HX seal ring gasket is in sealing in subsea pressure, it all depends on the installation. It functions as the efficient product it was manufactured to be, only when that is done right. The installation of the gasket involves cleaning the mating surfaces, to begin with. Any debris or irregularities may cause an inefficient seal. Now the installation of the gasket is fruitful only when you’ve chosen the right gasket. So make sure to check things like the gasket material, temperature rating etc is suitable for your application. Then, follow the right bolt tightening sequence. Also, use lubricants if needed.

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What are NACE Hardness Limits in HX seal Ring Joint Gaskets?

NACE (National Association of Corrosion Engineers) International is a body of standard developers. As a leading authority for corrosion control solutions, it drafts and provides control prevention and control standards. Industries whose equipment is at risk of corrosion all abide by them. The NACE MR0175/ISO 15156 states the materials for use in offshore oil and gas equipment. It includes those that can be a victim of sulfide-induced stress corrosion cracking in sour environments. The underwater application of HX seal ring joint gaskets comes under this. And the maximum hardness of materials should be no more than 22 HRC.

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Why is PTFE Coating Used for HX Sealing rings?

PTFE coating for HX sealing steel rings has numerous benefits that aid in making them robust for subsea applications. These are given below.

  • 1. The PTFE coating makes the sealing ring resistant to corrosion. Corrosion is a major problem for sealing rings in subsea environments that can be fought with PTFE coating.
  • 2. It makes them suitable for a wide range of temperatures. This makes the rings retain their elastomeric properties and perform their sealing function effectively.
  • 3. PTFE coating HX seal ring is not readily wet to the touch. Of course, this is a major benefit.
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How Do You Protect Corrosion From Hx Seal Ring RTJ Gasket?

An HX seal ring ring type joint gasket used in subsea usage is at a high risk of corrosion. This can not only cause a leak in a vital operation but also endanger the safety of personnel. So controlling corrosion is of the most importance. To do so, one may take the preventive approach and choose materials resistant to corrosion like austenitic Stainless Steel. This includes 300 series Stainless steel variations, as well as other nickel/chromium steel compositions. Another way is to opt for corrosion-resistant plating for the HX seal ring RTJ gasket. This has proven to be an efficient method over the years.