BX 164 Ring Gasket

bx 164 ring gasket

What is BX 164 Ring Gasket?

R–style gaskets, other than spiral wound gaskets, are among the most preferred when it comes to high-pressure applications. The BX 164 ring gasket is a large-diameter gasket used in applications like onshore and offshore oil drilling. The gasket is manufactured following the API 6A specifications and has a pressure rating of 10,000-15,000 psi. It shares the general characteristics of BX gaskets and is suitable for 18-3/4″ flanges. Make sure to contact only a reliable supplier when ordering 18-3/4″ ring joint gasket BX-164 10000 psi.

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What are the advantages BX 164 Gasket

The BX 164 gasket is suitable for large-diameter API 6BX flanges. Not only that but it is also built to handle high pressure and high temperatures. Moreover, the gasket can handle fluctuations in these too, making them useful for different purposes (like oil drilling). Once installed correctly, it creates a reliable and stable seal that increases efficiency with increasing internal flange pressure. That is owed to the pressure-energizing nature of the BX-164 ring gasket. Also, there are axial holes on it to release any pressure that may be trapped while the seal takes place.

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Is BX 164 Ring Groove suitable for high pressure applications use?

The BX 164 ring groove gasket is available in square cross sections, rather than oval and octagonal. The gasket also comes with bevelled edges. The gasket is rated for pressure between 10,000 – 15,000 psi and is suitable for API 6BX flanges. Moreover, there are small axial holes on it to equalize the pressure pockets that might form while sealing. It is thus useful for different high-pressure applications. Some of the common instances would be oil drilling, the petrochemical industry, power plant and more.

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How to Select a bx-164 ring gasket?

Simply knowing the right ring size won’t do you much good, as there are other considerations in gasket selection. Well, general uses do quite well with SS 316 BX 164 series gaskets, but that’s not the case every time.

So here is how you can choose a BX gasket, per your requirements:

  • Size and type of the flange concerned
  • The maximum pressure the gasket is to withstand
  • The maximum temperature the gasket is to withstand
  • Nature of the media flowing through the system
  • The gasket’s resistance towards corrosion.
  • Availability of the gasket
  • Costs involved with ordering the needed number of API ring joint gaskets BX-164
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Installation process of Ring Type Joint BX-164?

The RTJ gasket BX-164 is made slightly larger than the diameter of the ring grooves. The initial seal is achieved through slight compression when the joint is tightened. A secondary seal also takes place, but on the inside angles of the gasket. Before anything, the flanges need to be parallel to each other. At the time of installing a ring type joint BX-164, minute attention is to be given to its bolting. This is to ensure the uniform load on the gasket. Also, both the surface of the flange and the mating surfaces must be cleaned of debris and any irregularities.

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How do you keep Ring Gasket BX-164 SS316 from rusting?

BX gaskets are essentially metal gaskets, so rusting is a risk to them and their performance. Even if the best materials are used in the gasket’s construction, it is still prone to rust. To keep them in optimum shape and avoid the risk of premature replacement, the gaskets must be protected from rust. The primary thing that can ensure that is by keeping the ring gasket BX-164 SS 316 dry when storing it. This is made even better when the gasket is electroplated, with a material such as nickel.