Corrugated metal gaskets

Corrugated Metal Gaskets

What Is Corrugated Metal Gaskets?

As important as gaskets are to prevent leakage in a piping system, that is not the only thing they do. Certain applications, like use in heat exchangers, involve special flanges and hence need corrugated metal gaskets. These are a sheet of metal corrugated to make a corrugated metal core. There must be a filler material on each side (like graphite or PTFE) for the gasket to function. The sheet of metal to make the corrugated core can be a basic gasket material like carbon steel or stainless steel. The filler material is mostly graphite, especially in petrochemical applications, which also use corrugated Soft Iron gaskets.

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Reason to Choose Corrugated Gasket?

Corrugated gaskets are the better choice of spiral wound gaskets in applications like heat exchangers. And there are quite a few reasons why that is.

  • These can handle up to 160 bar pressure and temperature up to 450 degrees Celsius. This makes them good for challenging environments.
  • These have better radial sheer and better sealing capabilities. These are most useful in older equipment and plants.
  • These offer excellent resilience and recovery features. This makes them a great choice where stability and strong sealing are imperative.

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What are the Best Uses for Corrugated Graphite Gasket?

There was a time when double metal jackets had to be chosen over Kammprofile gaskets for their lower costs. But they were inefficient, and this is where corrugated gaskets appeared as an upgrade. Even today, a corrugated graphite gasket is often preferred over spiral wound gaskets in some applications. These would be the ones related to the petrochemical industry and power plants. Gas, steam and certain chemical applications benefit from corrugated gaskets, thanks to their recovery and radial sheer. Gaskets from a reputed brand, like the Flexitallic Corrugated Metal Gasket are the clear choices for demanding applications.

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CMG Gasket Is Designed for Low Load Applications?

Yes, corrugated gaskets are designed for low load applications. These are made by corrugating metal sheets to form a corrugated metal core, with a soft filler material on either side. Being able to function under low load, and under high pressure is a characteristic of a CMG gasket. Even in such cases, these are the most versatile and efficient sealing equipment. Products from renowned brands like Flexitallic or Garlock Corrugated Metal Gaskets are reliable in extreme environments. Common applications for these gaskets are those that deal with gas, heat, valves, heat exchangers, pressure vessels and so on.

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How To Make Corrugated Stainless Steel Gasket?

A Corrugated Stainless Steel gasket has a stainless steel metal core, with a filler material on both sides. Graphite is the most commonly used filler material, but PTFE, CSF, mica and others are also used. The layers of graphite and metallic core form are adjusted in a given manner. This is so that wave crest overlap of 0.1 to 0.2 mm is present in restraint condition. An SS corrugated gasket can be manufactured in standard shapes such as oval, ring, rectangular frame shapes etc. Customized designs can also be manufactured, depending on customer requirements.

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Seating Stress Of Corrugated Ring Gasket

Seating stress is the least amount of stress needed to maintain a seal and conform to the flange surface. The internal pressure is taken nil, which when multiplied with the maintenance factor helps in code calculations of the corrugated ring gasket. Corrugated gaskets are best known for providing tight sealing even in low bolt loads. This feature is what separates them from most other materials. Depending on the gasket style and sealing element, these gaskets can offer optimum sealing in a variety of situations. corrugated flexible graphite gasket, for example, is chemically resistant and seals effectively during thermal cycling.