CG spiral wound gasket

CG Spiral Wound Gasket

What Is CG Spiral Wound Gasket?

While all spiral wound gaskets have a metal and filler material, there are still variations in the arrangement. In a CG Spiral Wound Gasket, an outer metal ring covers the sealing element. It also helps in placing the gasket in correspondence with the flange faces. Preventing the overcompression of the sealing element and proper sealing is also done by the outer ring. In a Style CG Gasket, there is no inner ring and so it’s the outer one providing both radial strength and blow-out protection. The suitable flange faces for it are flat and raised.

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Features Of Flexitallic Style CG Gaskets

Flexitallic Style CG gaskets are suitable for raised and flat-faced flanges. This when combined with the availability of standard sizes makes them suitable for most applications. There are plenty of choices for the metal strip and filler material, that can be combined based on the application. Style CG gaskets are also easy to install and remove which saves time. A CG Style Gasket can handle heavy pressure (greater than 450 bar) and high-temperature conditions (up to 1000 degrees Celsius). These can also handle low-pressure and cryogenic temperatures, as well as hazardous media.

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Buying Benefits Of CG Gasket

A CG Gasket can offer tons of benefits for the application it is used in. A lot of it is owed to the outer metal ring, the characteristic feature of gaskets of this kind. Firstly, the outer ring protects the sealing element and prevents the possibility of gasket blowout. It acts as a compression stop as well and is convenient to install on a flange face. Spiral Wound Gasket CG can be used on flat and raised flange faces, in systems with high operating temperatures and pressure. These are general-purpose options available at low costs, in standard sizes.

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How To Order Flexitallic CG Gasket?

Thanks to their resilience towards high temperature and pressure, style CG gaskets can be utilized in different services. Flexitallic CG Gasket can be ordered easily from any reliable supplier, as long as you state your requirements clearly. The following are the things you should specify:

  • Name of boiler or equipment manufacturer
  • Gasket style suitable for the application
  • Dimensions of gasket that are required
  • Thickness of gasket that is required
  • Flange width of the gasket
  • Pressure service rating
  • Material preference for the gasket
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Performance Test For CG Type Spiral Wound Gasket

Before a CG Type Spiral Wound Gasket can be installed, it needs to be tested whether it is indeed suitable. There are causes such as fluid-gasket incompatibility, that hasten the process of deterioration and cause premature failure of the gasket.

It is thus no wonder why testing is important for Spiral Wound Gasket CG Type. Take a look at the test methods as specified in the ASTM standards below.

  • Compressibility and Recovery test
  • Creep relaxation
  • Fluid resistance
  • Sealability
  • The tension of non-metallic gasket material
  • Blowout of gasket products
  • Torque Retention
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What Is The Purpose Of Inner Ring In Spiral Wound Gasket Flexitallic Type CG?

A Spiral Wound Gasket Flexitallic Type CG has only an outer ring, and it is a vital part of it. The most important role it plays is to center it correctly on the flange face. Then, it also increases the radial strength of the gasket and limits compression. While compression is important for the seal to take place, over-compression is harmful to it. Thanks to the outer ring, the seal done by the Style CG Spiral Wound Gasket remains intact even under pressure. In the long term, this helps in reducing downtime and maintenance costs for the piping system.