Octagonal ring joint gasket

Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket

What Is A Octagonal Ring Joint Gasket And How It Work?

An R Style ring joint gasket is of two types based on the cross-sectional structure. One type is oval, and the kind with an octagonal cross-sectional area is called the octagonal ring joint gasket. These are the more preferred among the two kinds, thanks to their better sealing strength. These can be used with modern octagonal-type grooved flanges. Like oval gaskets, these too are used in oil refineries, oil drilling and such intensive applications. The maximum pressure these can handle is up to 10,000 psi. Every major manufacturer of octagonal ring gasket follows the ASME B16.20 or API 6A standard.

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How does a Octagonal RTJ Gasket Function?

An Octagonal Rtj Gasket is essentially an R Style gasket. Therefore, its sealing comes from compression. Now to achieve the seal, the gasket is wedged tightly in the side of the grooves. The gasket then plastically deforms and flows into the uneven surface of the flange face. The Octagonal ring type joint gasket has a broader area of contact with the flange face. To be more accurate, the entire tapered edge of the gasket is in contact with the flange surface. This is why the gasket gets the advantage of achieving better sealing than oval ring gaskets.

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Application of Octagonal Ring Gasket

The octagonal ring type gasket offers some of the most reliable sealing and can be used in severe conditions as well. However, it is the costlier kind compared to oval gaskets, and cannot be reused. But even then, there are numerous applications of this kind of gasket. The most common one is in the static sealing parts of equipment used under high temperatures and high pressure. The Octagonal R-Type ring joint gasket is also used in technical pipelines. The industries in which such equipment is used are petroleum, oil refining, power plants and more.

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Compression Testing of SOFT Iron Octagonal Ring Gasket

An important characteristic of a Soft Iron Octagonal Ring Gasket is its ability to withstand compressive loads. Testing such as the hot compression tests aim to evaluate how much temperature or weight a given gasket can withstand. The gasket is placed between the exertion bolts of a hydraulic press. The temperature is then raised to 600 degrees Fahrenheit and increased periodically over a certain period. During this, a constant load is exerted on the gasket. The gasket’s effectiveness is then measured by noting any decrease in material thickness. Tests such as this help determine the right gasket, design or material.

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Minimum and Maximum Load to Seal of Octagonal Ring Type Joint Gasket?

Fastener clamping force and flange design are what cause R Type octagonal ring joint gasket compression. Based on the flange surface area, the flange pressure is distributed over the surface of the gasket. The surface finish of the joint system affects the load needed to seal. If there are any flange surface irregularities or flexibility, it causes flange contact pressure variation across the gasket surface. And hence, leaks. The gasket has to be resilient and creep-resistant enough. This helps it to maintain an adequate portion of the applied flange force across its entire surface, and remain sealed. The gasket must have enough strength to maintain its integrity under the applied load during static and dynamic conditions.

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Important Considerations Of RTJ Octagonal Gasket

A typical sealing system includes flanges, fasteners and R Style octagonal ring joint gaskets (or some other kind). And the performance of the gaskets plays an important role in the efficiency of the entire system.