BX 155 Ring Gasket

BX 155 Ring Gasket

What Does BX 155 Ring Gasket Mean?

All BX Style RTJ gaskets come with a ring number so that the right flange can be evaluated. A BX 155 ring gasket is one of these, suitable for 4-1/16” flanges. This is a gasket that creates a virtual face-to-face contact between two metal flanges. The gasket is trapped entirely and creates the seal when a compressive force is applied. These gaskets are suitable for systems rated for higher pressure. While other kinds of ring gaskets max out at 10,000 psi, these can handle up to 20,000 psi of pressure.

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How do BX 155 Gasket Work?

The functioning of a BX 155 gasket is rather simple, thanks to its design. These are suitable only for the API 6BX flanges, but function most efficiently. The pitch diameter of the gasket is greater (albeit slightly) than that of the flange. When bolting is done per the required settings, an initial seal takes place on the outside angles. But that’s not all, as a secondary seal takes place on the inner angels too. The BX-155 gasket ring cannot just handle high pressure, but it is also pressure-energized. And hence the sealing is more efficient as the internal pressure of the flange increases.

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What are the Features of Ring Gasket Bx 155?

The ring gasket BX 155 is simply a variation of the BX Style gasket. Thus, it shares the same features with them.

Those are as follows:

  • The gasket is manufactured following the API 6A and ASME B16.20 standards.
  • It is designed to handle a maximum pressure of 20,000 psi.
  • The gasket can only be used with API 6BX flanges and is not interchangeable.
  • Every such gasket features axial holes. These function as pressure equalizers, which further ensures better sealing and safety.
  • Unlike other styles, it is pressure energized.

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What materials can be used to make Ring Joint Gasket BX 155?

Different materials can be used to manufacture ring joint gasket BX 155. When choosing the material, things like hardness and its chemical reactivity with the medium are what matter. The common choices include low carbon steel, stainless steel and soft iron. For additional hardness and other advantages, certain exotic alloys are also used.However, the gasket material to be chosen must be softer than that of the flange. Or else, the grooves might be damaged on the flange.

So for the SS 316L BX 155 ring joint gasket, the flange should be harder than the gasket material.

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How to Choose the BX 155 Ring Groove as Per Requirement?

Choosing a gasket for the BX 155 ring groove might seem tedious, but it is rather simple. However, it is important to ensure the flange connection, as well as the entire piping system functions smoothly.

Here are the things to consider:

  • Size and type of the flange concerned
  • The maximum pressure the gasket is to withstand
  • The maximum temperature the gasket is to withstand
  • Nature of the media flowing through the system
  • The gasket’s resistance towards corrosion. A BX-155 API steel plated ring gasket may be ordered depending on the requirements
  • Availability of the gasket
  • Costs involved with ordering the gasket
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How Are BX-155 Octagonal Ring Joint Tested?

Simply choosing a BX-155 octagonal ring joint gasket for the flange does not ensure the efficient functioning of the system. Certain tests must be performed on the ring joints so that optimum performance and safety can be made certain.

For metal gaskets to effectively seal within harder flange joints, certain NDT methods of testing are applied. These are:

  • Visual inspection
  • Liquid penetration inspection
  • Magnetic particle inspection
  • Ultrasonic tests

Other tests are also performed on a BX 155 ring joint gasket and the sheet materials to understand their physical properties. These are done following the ASTM standards. Examples are compressibility and recovery, fluid resistance, gasket blowout tests and more.