EN 10084 material

EN 10084 material

What is en 10084 carbon steel seamless pipe ?

EN 10084 is the European Standard that provides technical delivery conditions for steel grade materials that are proposed for the case-hardened product fabrication. The EN 10084 Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe is generally supplied after some kind of heat treatment. The EN 10084 Grade 16MnCr5 Pipes can be intended for use in special applications. They come with relatively low strength, however the EN10084 20MnCr structure pipe is processed and quenched which helps to increase its strength. The EN 10084 C10E Pipes has high formability and they can be given different shapes. The 20MnCr5 UNI EN 10084 cold-rolled Pipe possesses good hardenability and resistance to wear. These pipes are made of steel that has high content of copper and nickel in the low carbon alloy group.

They show good resistance to corrosion and toughness. They generally have good machinability and weldability. The pipes with large cross sections can obtain higher low temperature impact toughness, surface hardness and wear resistance after heat treatment. It has tensile strength of 550 MPa and yield strength of 420 MPa. The chemical composition has less carbon with high manganese content, which results in better forming. This is a cost effective pipe which can be used in high heat and highly corrosive applications.

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EN 10084 Material Specification

EN 10084 Material Specification

EN 10084 Material Properties

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What are grades of en 10084 case hardening steels ?

The EN 10084 Case hardening steels basically has three grades- C10E, C15E, and 16MnCr5.

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Din en 10084 c10e vs c15e

The primary difference between Din en 10084 c10e and DIN EN 10084 C15E Steel Pipes are in their chemical composition, which is why their mechanical properties also vary.

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What is heat treatment of din en 10084 pipe ?

Post weld heat treatment can be given to DIN EN 10084 Pipe so as to avoid welding cracks. It can be welded with filler material and then preheated.

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En 10084 16mncr5 vs 20mncr5.

20MnCr5 UNI EN 10084 cold-rolled Pipe has lighter higher Carbon, Chromium, and Manganese in its chemical composition that 16MnCr5.

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What is hardening process of en 10084 structure pipe ?

The EN 10084 Structure pipe is case hardened and age hardened. It can be hardened within the temperature range of 780-820 degrees C, followed by oil or quenching.