Stainless Steel Square Nuts

Stainless Steel Square Nuts

SS square weld nut and metric stainless steel square nuts suppliers in UAE

What are stainless steel square nuts?

Most nuts that are produced are usually hexagonal shaped. These threaded fasteners can however also be produced with four sides, referred to as square nuts. Compared to other nuts, Stainless Steel Square Nuts have a larger surface area contact with the part it is being fastened to. Hence, they offer better resistance to both losing and tightening.

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Stainless Steel Square Nuts Specifications

Stainless Steel Square Nuts Chemical Composition

Stainless Steel Square Nuts Mechanical Properties

Stainless Steel Square Nuts Dimensions

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What are the applications of SS square nuts?

SS Square fasteners are seen in applications which require durability. These are easy to tighten and therefore, are easily fastened in places that are dark. They are perfect for applications with space constraints.

View 316 stainless steel square nuts dimensions, specifications, weight and torque chart

What is the purpose of stainless steel square weld nuts?

Typically square nuts are used with square bolts. The unusual shape of the nut and bolt makes them fit for use in decorative purposes. For instance, they may be a part of the furniture in the form of a blind nut or they could be used as a base in metal channels for hidden fasteners.

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Features of stainless steel union square nuts

  • Like hex nuts, they are threaded internally and are available in varying sizes.
  • They have high hardness and tend to be durable.
  • Square nuts are resistant to corrosion
  • They can be easily assembled without a wrench.
M6 stainless steel square nut and SS flat square nuts as per DIN 934, DIN 982, DIN 985, DIN 936, DIN 929 standards

Things to remember when buying the 304 SS square nut from india or china

One needs to remember the following points before purchasing 304 SS Square Nut from India or China –
Size of the nut and bolt – Mating the right fasteners is important for an application to be fully functional
Coatings – To increase the durability of the nuts, look out for coated fittings
Specifications & standards – Piping systems, valves, condensers etc have specified fittings and fasteners. Using the correct fasteners can help sustain the life of the equipment.