Coupling nuts

Coupling nuts

What does a coupling nut do?

A coupling nut is called an extension nut that is employed to join two threaded rods or pipes. These Coupling Nuts are usually designed in a hexagonal shape and require a wrench to fasten them. They are easy to join and later dismantle for long periods. The Long Coupling Nuts cover threads of UNC, UNF, ISO, BSW, and ACME specifications. These nuts are designed according to ASME, BS, DIN, ISO, UNI, and DN-EN standards. Steel Coupling Nuts can have metric or imperial threads, and they can either be fully or partially threaded.

Coupling Nuts specifications and dimensions

Coupling Nut Specifications

Coupling Nut Dimensions

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What are threaded rod couplers used for?

A threaded rod coupler is a feature in the agricultural, automobile, gas sectors, and water supply systems. The Threaded Rod Coupler is also a feature in chemical processing, oil and gas, shipbuilding, defense, power plants, etc.

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How are coupling nuts measured?

The coupling nuts are measured by making use of electrical calipers. This Metric Coupling Nuts measurement is generally done based on the diameter and length of the fastener.

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How strong is a coupling nut?

A coupling nut has superior strength that allows it to handle different weights. The Rod Coupling Nut chemical content determines its strength and tolerances.

Reducing and long coupling nuts as per ASME B18.2.2 specification

Rod coupling nut vs reducing coupling nuts

A rod coupling nut has a length that is equal across its length. The Round Coupling Nut are employed to couple threaded rod similar to other components. These nuts act as extension nut specifications. Reducing Coupling Nuts has one end, which is a different size on both ends. These allow connection with unequal sizes of equipment.

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Advantages of threaded rod coupling sleeve

A threaded rod coupling helps create higher torque transmitting capacity. The Threaded Rod Coupling Sleeve is easy to install and later dismantle. These sleeves have a simple construction and are reliable. Extra Long Coupling Nuts have extra flexibility and are used in compact spaces.