Top lock nuts

Top lock nuts

What is a top lock nut?

A top nut is a distorted threaded fastener that allows it to be distorted at the top of the nut. These Top Lock Nuts prevent vibration and any stress in the system. They can be easily driven into the end of the fastener. The All Metal Prevailing Torque Nut creates friction between the nuts to create a locking effect. This helps it to have a superior clamping force and prevent any movement. Steel Flex Top Lock Nuts have good strength and bolster superior performance while showcasing excellent reliability. These nuts are available in different sizes to meet project requirements.

Top Lock Nuts specifications and dimensions

Top Lock Nuts Specifications

Top Lock Nut Dimensions

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What are prevailing torque nuts used for?

A prevailing torque nut is a device that is a common method to provide resistance and prevent loosening in the system. The Prevailing Torque Lock Nuts are used in bolting equipment, processing equipment, infrastructural units, etc.

Prevailing torque nut available in various material and grades as per ANSI B18.16.3M specification

How do top lock nuts work?

A top lock nut has a collar with a smaller thread diameter. As the Prevailing Lock Nut is tightened, the collar deforms over the mating force to create strong friction. The versatile grade of Steel Top Lock Nuts is locked in a position that prevents vibration to loosen the system.

Torque lock nut in M6 to M72 metric sizes, prevailing torque hex nut as per DIN 985/ ISO 10512/ UNI 7473

What is a top lock flange nut?

A top lock flange nut has an enlarged circular base flaring from the bottom of the nut. The Prevailing Torque Nut helps fasten equipment having oversized holes. These nuts have a protruded rim that covers more surface area. Even if the hole of the Prevailing Torque Lock is big, it can be supported using a flanged nut.

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What is a steel top lock nut?

A steel top lock nut is designed to fasten material and resist loosening. The Torque Lock Nut resists vibration and stress and is used alongside mating bolts to fasten equipment efficiently.

All metal prevailing torque nut and steel flex top lock nuts in plain, zinc plated, & hot dip galvanised finish in GCC Countries

Can you reuse the prevailing torque nut?

The prevailing torque is reusable for a limited period of time. However, the Prevailing Torque Hex Nut usability declines each time as the torque decline with time.