Eye nut

Eye nut

What is an eye nut?

An eye nut is a headless nut designed with an externally threaded by with excellent lifting purpose. The Eye Nut is designed with standard sizes of M10 to M100. They can be either fully or partially threaded across their length. These Metric Eye Nuts have a looped end that is integrated across their threaded body. They are produced either via the hot or cold forging process. An Oval Eye Nut has strength and tensile properties as it is used for lifting purposes. These nuts conform to different standards and are made with a range of material grades. The Swivel Eye Nut is designed with UNC, UNF, ISO, BSW, and ACME threads. They are available in ASME, BS, DIN, ISO, UNI, and DIN-EN standards. A Weldless Eye Nut is reliable and can be customized to suit different project requirements.

Eye Nuts specifications and dimensions

Eye Nut Specifications

Eye Nut Dimensions

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What is a lifting eye nut?

A lifting eye nut is a fastener that helps vertical loading in the system. The Lifting Eye Nut acts as a securing point and acts as strong rigging hardware. These bolts act similarly to slings, shackles and come in different configurations.

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How does a forged eye nut work?

A forged eye nut is designed with a looped head that is inserted into a threaded hole. The Forged Eye Nut, once inserted can receive a hook or a rope and handle different loads and tension.

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How do you secure an unistrut eye nuts ?

The best way to secure an unistrut eye nut is by following the best installation practices. An Unistrut Eye nuts installation process should see that it is free from bends or distortion and can hold the required load. Further, verify the shanks threaded section and ensure the nut is fastened with the right torque.

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How much weight can a crosby eye nut?

The weight holding limit of a crosby eye nut is based on the size of the nuts. A Crosby Eye Nut can hold as high as a 3.600lb weight load.

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How far should a steel eye nut be installed?

The hole to insert an eye nuts should be larger than the shank of the nut. The threaded hole to fasten the bolt and Steel Eye Nut should be 3 times the diameter of the bolt from its edge.