Heavy hex nuts

Heavy hex nuts

What are heavy hex nuts?

A heavy hex nut is slightly larger or thicker in dimensions. These Heavy Hex Nuts are 6-sided fasteners that are used in structural bolting applications. They are used to securely affix bolts, screws, and other fasteners. A Machine Heavy Hex Nut has superior strength and requires more torquing force to affix material. These nuts create better clamping force and tolerances. The Industrial Heavy Hex Nut reduces axial clamping and can be availed in metric or imperial threads. These nuts can be either hot or cold forged to suit different requirements. They cover ASME, BS, DIN, ISO, UNI, and DIN-EN standards.

Heavy Hex Nut Specifications

Heavy Hex Nut Dimensions

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What is a heavy hexagonal nut used for?

The heavy hexagonal nuts are used for larger diameter and high strength bolting equipment. Heavy Hexagonal Nut is seen in structural applications, cell tower modifications, the chemical sector, nuclear plants, petrochemicals, drilling equipment, etc.

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What material is the nut heavy hex ?

A heavy hex nut is designed to affix different equipment and is made from different materials. The Nut Heavy Hex is produced with carbon, stainless, bronze, nickel, copper steels, etc.

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Are heavy duty hex nuts strong?

Heavy hex nuts are oversized hexagonal nuts that bolster superior strength and tolerances. The Heavy Duty Hex Nuts can handle higher loads and stress. These nuts are reliable and bolster the excellent clamping force.

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What is the correct wrench size to use for a 3/4 heavy hex nut?

The correct wrench of a heavy hex nut is essential to affix them in place. A Steel Heavy Hex Nut in sizes of ¾ sizes are 1-1/4 sizes wrench.

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Are metric heavy hex nuts heat resistant?

The metric heavy hex nuts are designed to work in extreme temperatures. The Metric Heavy Hex Nuts heat resistance is based on the material employed to use. However, it is important to note that the ACME Heavy Hex Nut, due to its thickness makes them work in elevated temperatures.