Rivet nuts

Rivet nuts

What are rivet nuts called?

A rivet nut is commonly called a rivnut or blind river nut. These Rivet Nuts are a single piece of equipment that is internally threaded with a counterbored tubular end. The versatile Rivet Nut Set can be anchored entirely from one of its sides, and its blind end makes it very strong.

Rivet Nuts specifications and dimensions

Rivet Nut Specifications

Rivet Nut Dimensions

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How much weight can rivet nuts hold?

The rivet’s nuts weight carrying capacity is based on the size and specification of the grade. These Riv Nuts can pull out strength over 30,000 pounds of force.

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Can you install a rivnut without a tool?

A rivnut can be installed without requiring a tool; however, it requires more than just bare hands. To install the Rivnut, you’ll need a bolt that has its own nut, and you can fit it into the rivet nut. You should also require a washer alongside Hex Rivet Nut to fit around it to be fairly tight. For tools, you require an open wrench and water pump pliers that can hold it tightly. After the Blind Rivet Nut is placed in the hole, you must thread on the loose nut and then place it in the washer or bushing. Follow this by inserting the bolt as far as the Metric Rivet Nut until it stops screwing further.

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Where do we use threaded rivets?

The threaded rivet is installed in a variety of materials having pre-cut threads. The Threaded Rivets are common in automotive, manufacturing units, process equipment, etc.

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How do you use threaded pop rivets?

A threaded pop rivet is used as it is punched into a workpiece to fasten two or more materials efficiently. The Threaded Pop Rivets allow internal threads to connect with secondary material to be attached to them.

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What size is a M5 rivet nut?

The M5 rivet nut indicates the metric thread fasteners. These Steel Rivet Nuts are designed with a major diameter of 5mm. These nuts have a hole size of 7.1mm, with a grip range between 1.50 to 4mm.