Square nuts

Square nuts

What is a square nut called?

A square nut is a fastener having four equal sides. These Square Nuts offer greater surface contact and are used alongside bolts, studs, and screws. They allow for easy connection with different equipment. The Acme Square Nut can create permanent or temporary connections in the system. These nuts are designed with different alloying elements giving them superior resistance to corrosion. A Nut Metal Square can be designed with imperial and metric grade threads. These square nuts create a strong connection and reduce loosening due to stress or vibration. The Fine Thread Square Nuts are available in a range of sizes and can be custom designed based on customer requirements.

Square Nuts Specifications and Dimensions

Square Nuts Specifications

Square Nut Dimensions

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What is the purpose of a square thread nut ?

A square thread nut is a four sided fastener used alongside a bolt and a washer. It has a greater surface contact that allows it to be fastened easily. These nuts have better clamping force and reduce axial movement. Antique Square Nuts provide greater resistance and tolerance to loosening.

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How do you unscrew a flat square nut?

A flat square nut is a four-sided fastener that is used alongside a flat washer. It can be unscrewed with pliers or wrenches, allowing them to be ideal in blind locations.

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What kind of socket do you use on square steel nuts ?

The socket in the square nut helps tighten or loosen the fasteners. These Square Steel Nuts are commonly used in a 13mm square head socket.

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What size is M6 metric square nut?

The metric M6 square nuts are designed with a thread size of 6mm. It is designed with a width in sizes of 10mm, with a height of 5mm.

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What are square head nuts used for?

A square head nut is used in commercial, domestic, and industrial applications. The Square Head Nut is used in furniture, rail channels, foundation systems, etc. These nuts add an aesthetical outlook to provide a rustic look to the structures.