Anco locknuts

Anco locknuts

What is an anco lock nut?

The anco lock nut is a self-locking nut that has a ratchet pin. These Anco Locknuts can easily be installed and affixed with the right torque. They can be fastened or loosened using the ratchet pin with the right torque. The Anco Hex Nut can be fully or partially threaded and designed with different material grades. These nuts can handle toxic media and high temperature conditions, making them highly reliable.

Anco Lock Nuts specifications and dimensions

Anco Lock Nut Specifications

Anco Lock Nut Dimensions

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How do anco lock nuts work?

The anco lock nut is designed with a ratchet pin made from stainless steel. This ratchet on the Anco Type Lock Nuts slides along the threads as the nut is spun onto it. This prevents it from backing off and creates a locking motion.

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Are anco nuts reusable?

The anco lock nuts wear faster than normal nuts or bolts due to their self locking. These Anco Nuts can be reused as long as there is some locking action.

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What sizes do anco locknuts come in?

The anco locknut is designed in sizes above bolts, studs, rods, and other fasteners. These Anco Lock Nuts are designed in nominal sizes of 1/2 to 4 inches with metric sizes from M2 to M100. They can also be availed in custom sizes.

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Advantages of anco wire lock nuts

Anco wire lock nuts allow for easy cost-effective connection. These Anco Wire Lock Nuts resist loosening due to vibration and stress preventing any loosening. They can combine multiple objects creating a strong connection.

Check manufacturing process of anco type lock nuts as per DIN 934/ ASME B 18.2.2 standards

Manufacturing process of anco pin lock nut

The anco pin lock nuts are produced by machining, cast, or forged material. Anco Pin Lock Nut can be threaded and plated. This is followed by heat treatment, surface plating, and other inspection methods.