Wing nuts

Wing nuts

What is the type of wing nuts?

A wing nut is a type of nut having two large metal rings designed in 4 manufacturing types. Type A Wing Nuts are cold forged, or stainless steel, and have high strength, while Type B cover hot forged nuts. Type C Large Wing Nuts are made from die casts, and type D is stamped carbon steel sheet metal.

Wing Nuts Specifications

Wing Nut Dimensions

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What does butterfly nut mean?

A butterfly nut is a fastener that has wing like projections. The Butterfly Nut offers excellent leverage in turning the equipment with your thumb or forefinger. The knurled edge Toggle Wing Nut can be tightened to secure the equipment in its measured position.

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What are thumb nuts used for?

A thumb screw provides a method to create a simple action to fasten, loosen or dismantle them. The Thumbnut are used to fasten equipment that can handle lower stress and tension in harsh conditions. These Metric Wing Nuts can be tightened with your hands without requiring any tools.

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How does locking nuts work?

A locking nut is faster that has a collar that is smaller than its thread diameter. The Locking Wing Nut collar deforms over the mating diameter, which creates friction. These nuts are very secure and prevent loosening due to vibrations and tension.

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What are the advantages of steel wing nuts?

A steel wing nut requires a lower torque requirement and can be tightened without the requirement of a tool. These Steel Wing Nuts are simple to install and later dismantle as per requirements. They are not easily loosened based on various external factors. The Small Wing Nuts don’t require heat treatment with a lower requirement of special tools.

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How do you install wing nuts?

wing nuts are used in low torque applications. They are slid on the bolt and tightened by twisting the ends of the nut without requiring any tools.