Hex jam nuts

Hex Jam Nuts

What are hex jam nuts?

A hex jam nut is a hexagonal shaped fastener that has a threaded hole with interior threads. Hex Jam Nuts are thinner than normal hex nuts and are designed to jam against another nut to secure the connection. A Metric Hex Jam Nut has 6 sides of equal length and can join alongside bolts, studs, and other fastening equipment. The Nylon Hex Jam Nuts help create better clamping performance and strongly secure the equipment. These nuts prevent backing off and at times, are used for leveling purposes. A Hex Flat Jam Nut is designed in standard diameters of 1/2 to 2mm. These nuts can be availed bolstering plain, or hot-dip galvanized finish. The Hex Fin Jam Nut can be designed in stainless, carbon, alloy, and other specifications. This content gives the versatile Hex Slotted Jam Nut superior resistance to wear and tear in the system.

Hex Jam Nuts Specifications

Hex Jam Nuts Dimensions

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What is a heavy hex jam nut?

The heavy hex jam nut is designed with 2/3 thickness of a nut. This Heavy Hex Jam Nut is designed with oversized specifications for structural bolting applications. These nuts have better thickness and dimensions.

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Why is hexagon jam nut thinner?

The hexagon jam nut is a six-sided fastener that is generally thinner than most hex nuts. A Hexagon Jam Nut is thinner, which helps save space when locking different pairs of nuts efficiently.

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How do you install hex jam nylon lock nuts?

A hex jam nylon lock nut is designed with a hexagonal cross sectional area. It can be fastened using a socket, hex, or Allen key in a clockwise direction.

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How do you torque thin jam nuts?

The torque requirements of the thin jam nut are based on the size of the grade. It should be torqued from 1/2 to 2/3 times over a regular nut.

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What is a hex nut jam used for?

The hex jam nut is primarily used to prevent the loosening of the equipment. It is used alongside a hex nut. These nuts are common in piping equipment, chemical units, petrochemicals, nuclear plants, fastening equipment, etc.