Inconel 601 pipe

Inconel 601 Pipe

What is Inconel 601 pipe?

ASTM or American Society for Test Material and SAE or Society of Automotive Engineers develop unique numbers to identify alloys. The Inconel superalloy with nickel-chromium combination has many trade numbers. It includes the ASTM and UNS or unified number systems for identification in various countries.

The UNS N06601 welded pipe has the unique quality of high oxidation resistance. It resists oxidation even at a high temperature of around 2200 degrees Fahrenheit or 1100 degrees Celsius.

Inconel 601 pipe has high corrosion resistance in various mediums to be suitable for many applications. It is because of being made from the most versatile superalloy of nickel-chromium-Iron-Aluminium composition.

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Inconel 601 Pipe Specification

Inconel 601 Pipe Properties

Differences between Inconel 600 and 601 pipe

Inconel superalloy makes many strong pipes with combinations of nickel, chromium and others. Inconel 601 and 600 pipes are two of them to have high strength and other properties. Increased chromium in Inconel alloy 601 seamless pipe and aluminium forms a tough oxide layer on heating with high temperature to give better oxidation resistance than 600. Because of the varying composition, they have many differences, including the following, among others.

  • Inconel 601 has only 58% nickel, but 600 has 72% nickel
  • Nickel alloy 601 has a high oxidation resistance than alloy 600 under cyclic conditions
  • UNS N06601 is more of a general-purpose alloy than Nickel 600
  • DIN 2.4851 has high metallurgical stability than nickel 600

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What are the temperature limits of the alloy 601 pipe?

Inconel alloy 601 pipes will have low ductility when heated at temperature range of 1250 to 1600 degrees Fahrenheit. Hence the temperature limit Inconel nickel 601 pipe is 1650 ºF. For large deformations of the alloy 601 pipe, heating should be between 1900 to 2200 Fahrenheit.

The optimum temperature for Inconel 601 alloy-made pipes depends on the applications. For general-purpose rupture limited applications, it can be above 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

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What is the melting point of Inconel 601 seamless pipe?

The melting point is critical for all alloys used in pipes for high-temperature applications. It is because heating above the melting point may deform the pipes. Inconel 601 alloy has a combination of nickel and chromium which are metals with high melting points. Hence Chromium melting point is 3380 ºF and Nickel 2647 ºF Inconel 601 alloy has a high melting point.

Hence the high melting point of Inconel 601 seamless pipe is 2571 F or 1411 ºC. So, this WNR 2.4851 seamless pipe is ideal for many high temperature-involved applications in diverse industries.

Inconel 601 pipe types

Alloy 601 pipe

Alloy 601 pipe

Inconel 601 seamless pipe

Inconel 601 seamless pipe

UNS N06601 welded pipe

UNS N06601 welded pipe

WNR 2.4851 annealed pipe

WNR 2.4851 annealed pipe

Nickel alloy 601 seam welded pipe

Nickel alloy 601 seam welded pipe

Inconel 601 cold finished pipe

Inconel 601 cold finished pipe

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Inconel 718 vs 601 pipe

Though Inconel 715 and 601 pipes made from the superalloy have different compositions, the pipes made of Inconel 601 alloy have the composition of nickel 58%, chromium 21%, iron 20% and aluminium 1%. The Inconel 715 has nickel 52%, chromium 19%, iron 18%, columbium 5%, molybdenum 3%, titanium 1%, etc.

Pipes made from Inconel 601 superalloy have high oxidation properties than 718. Hence 601 is best in many applications like aircraft engines, refractory anchors, fabricated combustion, chambers, thermal reactors, etc. Inconel 718 pipe is ideal for cryogenic tanks, gas turbine engine ducts, etc.

The schedules for Inconel 601 cold finished pipe are Sch-40, Sch-5, Sch-80, Sch-60, and Sch-10. Look at the characteristics

Which property of alloy 601 pipe makes it suitable for aircraft engine parts?

The Inconel 601 superalloy has a unique property of oxidation resistance at high temperatures of even up to 2200 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it has high mechanical strength and is easy to form and weld. Hence it is the ideal choice for use in aircraft engine parts and other high-temperature applications.

Inconel 601 alloy also has high melting points above 2500 degrees Fahrenheit to not deform easily. Also, its corrosion resistance and other properties make it best for the aerospace industry and many others.