Nickel 200 pipe

Nickel 200 Pipe

What is nickel 200 pipe?

Piping systems are like lifelines of any construction, especially industrial plants, to carry fuel and gas. Metals joined to form alloys are the base materials to make such essential pipes for a long time. Nickel’s natural corrosion resistance and other properties make its alloy with other metals the first choice for pipes.

Nickel 200 pipe has 99 or more percent nickel, and the remaining 1 percent has many others. Alloy 200 pipe includes iron, manganese, silicon, copper, carbon, and sulfur. Ni pipes are ideal for many industrial applications, from making aircraft & electronic parts to salt, etc.

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Nickel 200 Pipe Specification

Nickel 200 Pipe Properties

Nickel 200 vs. 201 pipe

Nickel 200 and 201 pipe have high nickel content because of making them from nickel 200, and 201 are low-alloy materials. Both the alloys have the approval of ASME to construct pressure vessels and parts.But the significant difference between the two is the approval for alloy 200 pipe, or WNR 2.4066 welded pipe, is for service only up to 600F or 315.5C. And for 201 alloy pipe is approved for service up to 1230 F or 665.5 C.

The other differences between nickel 200 and 201 pipe are:

  • The lower carbon content of 201, which is a revised form of 200, resists graphitization
  • higher temperature to avoid embrittlement
  • Though common in many applications, 201 pipes are best for high-temperature-involved industries.

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Advantages and disadvantages of alloy 200 pipe

Nickel alloy 200 pipe has a precise diameter and many outstanding properties. Hence its finds use in many applications in several sectors. It is because of being made from the commercial pure nickel low-material alloy 200.

Advantages of nickel 200 alloy pipe

  • Used in many medical applications that require a precise diameter
  • Best for transporting fluids and gases in many sectors, from aerospace to defense, because of high corrosion resistance
  • Ideal for use in the food processing industry because of its resistance to all acidic media

The main disadvantage of alloy 200 pipe is its high carbon content graphitize at a temperature above 600 F

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What is the annealing temperature of nickel 200 welded pipe?

The Ni200 pipe annealing temperature is 1300 – 1600 F or 704 to 871 C. It is easy to shape alloy 200 with both hot and cold working practices. The hot working is between temperatures 1200 to 2250 F or 649 to 1232 C. Heavy forming happens only at temperatures above 1600 F or 871 C. While annealing alloy 200 seamless pipe it is important to take care to choose the right anneal temperature. The time at temperature during annealing influences the mechanical properties of the material structure. It includes the quality of the pipes made from it.

Most Common types of Nickel 200 pipe

Alloy 200 pipe

Alloy 200 pipe

Nickel 200 welded pipe

Nickel 200 welded pipe

Nickel 200 seamless pipe

Nickel 200 seamless pipe

Ni200 pipe

Ni200 pipe

Nickel alloy 200 annealed pipe

Nickel alloy 200 annealed pipe

UNS N02200 clad pipe

UNS N02200 clad pipe

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Nickel 200 vs Inconel

Nickel 200 is a pure nickel alloy with a minimum of 99% nickel. Though Inconel is also a nickel-based alloy, it has only 50 nickels and up to 75% for different grades. Since both are nickel-based alloys, they have many similar properties and uses. But, because of the high nickel content in 200 than Inconel, many differences include the following among others.

  • Ni 200 pipes has 99% nickel and does not have chromium like Inconel which has around 14 to 30% chromium
  • Alloy 200 seamless pipes has less than one percent iron whereas Inconel 5 to 10 % of iron to have differ in many properties and uses
DIN 2.4066 exhaust pipe and UNS N02200 cold drawn pipe are available in different schedules including Sch-40, Sch-5, Sch-80, Sch-60, and Sch-10

What is Rockwell hardness of nickel 200 seamless pipe?

The Rockwell hardness of a material is the measure of its bulk hardness found by conducting a test. The material hardness correlates with its ear resistance, strength, and other properties directly.

The Rockwell hardness of the nickel 200 seamless pipe is B 61, which is higher than that of the 201 pipe, which is B 55. The high Rockwell hardness of UNS N02200 seamless pipe makes it ideal for many applications using high force not to wear out easily.