Monel 400 pipe

Monel 400 Pipe

What is a Monel 400 pipe?

Monel superalloy was developed in 1902 with the initial design to replace copper in the electrical industry and is still in high demand in many industries. Monel 400 is a binary alloy because of its equal proportions of nickel and copper and is naturally found in the meteoritic nickel ore. ASME approved its microstructure exhibits a face-centered cubic structure,

Monel 400 pipe made from the puritan alloy differs from those made from cupronickel alloy as its copper content is less than 60%. Alloy 400 pipe has 66.5% nickel, copper 31%, iron 2.5%, manganese 2%, carbon 0.3%, silicon 0.5, and sulfur 0.024%.

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Monel 400 Pipe Specification

Monel 400 Pipe Properties

Why are alloy 400 pipes used for high-performance applications?

Monel alloy 400 pipes are best for many high-performance applications because of their high nickel content of 63% minimum. Also, because of its 28 to 34% copper, remaining iron, manganese, and others. And because of the following characteristics.

  • Offers excellent stress corrosion cracking in water
  • Resists seawater effectively to be beneficial in the marine industry
  • Offers high resistance to hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acids
  • Ideal for heat exchanger piping and in explosive industries
  • It has a high tensile strength of 100 to 130 ksi with a full hard temper pipe

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Monel 400 vs inconel 625

Monel and Inconel are both nickel alloys but with different combinations. Because Monel developed long before Inconel, copper is the other significant content. Inconel has chromium as the other significant content to nickel. Hence there are many differences between the two, including the following among others.

  • Monel 400 pipes are more expensive than Inconel pipes because of the high nickel and copper content.
  • Inconel has a higher melting range between 2500 to 2600 F than that Monel, which has 2372 to 2462F.
  • Monel 400 yield strength of 45Ksi is lower than Inconel’s 65 Ksi.

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What is the annealing temperature of Monel 400 seamless pipe

Monel 400 pipe has an annealing temperature of 1300 to 1800 F. But the most typical range is only from 1600 to 1800 F. Annealing at a lower temperature below 1500 needs a longer time to reduce grain coarsening. Also, it is essential to do the heating in a sulfur-free environment.

WNR 2.4360 welded pipe, made of Monel super alloy with high annealing temperature, finds application in many industries. UNS N04400 seamless pipe is best for the oil and gas industry to withstand high temperatures.

Most Common types of Monel 400 Pipe

Monel 400 seamless pipe

Monel 400 seamless pipe

UNS N04400 pipe

UNS N04400 pipe

Nickelvac® 400 hot finished pipe

Nickelvac® 400 hot finished pipe

Nicorros® 400 welded pipe

Nicorros® 400 welded pipe

WNR 2.4360 hot finished pipe

WNR 2.4360 hot finished pipe

AMS 4574 pipe

AMS 4574 pipe

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What is the machinability rating of UNS N04400 pipe?

One of the vital characteristics of a material is its machinability which is the capability to mould it to different shapes with a fine surface finish. It is challenging to calculate machinability because it involves many factors. But by measuring the weighted average surface finish, tool life, and normal cutting speed, it is possible to find the machinability rating.

Alloy 400 seamless pipe has a machinability rating of 80 approximate surface feet per minute. AMS 4574 pipe has excellent mechanical, thermal, and chemical properties.

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How to clean Ni Alloy 400 hot finished pipe?

Monel 400 welded pipe has excellent corrosion resistance as it is made from Monel superalloy. Also because the superalloy is a combination of single-phase-solid-solution nickel-copper. Alloy 400 is best for many applications in several marine and chemical environments.

Cleaning Nicorros® 400 pipe is the last process of the post-weld treatment. It is by brushing the pipe soon after the welding when it is still hot to remove the heat tint. Also, to have the desired surface condition without needing additional pickling.