Inconel 625 pipe

Inconel 625 Pipe

What is Inconel 625 pipe?

International Nickel Company Inconel trademark in 1932 for superalloy of nickel and chromium. In 1998 Special Metals Corporation acquired the trademark to make Inconel 625 pipes. Because of its many superior properties, it is best for many oceanic applications, even with little or no maintenance.

Inconel 625 pipe made from superalloy with a unique combination of nickel, chromium, molybdenum, and niobium. Hence it can resist high temperatures even up to 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, it has excellent oxidation and corrosion resistance to be useful in many applications across several sectors.

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Inconel 625 Pipe Specification

Inconel 625 Pipe Properties

Difference between alloy 625 pipe and 825

Though Inconel 625 seamless pipes belong to the same family of superalloys of nickel and chromium, there are many differences between the two. The significant among them is the nickel content, which is higher in alloy 625 pipes than in 825 pipes. It is why alloy 625 pipe is in high demand among Inconel pipe 625 suppliers. The other differences are:

  • Inconel ally 625 pipes have 58% nickel, and 825 have only between 36 to 48%
  • Inconel 625 is more tensile and yield strength than 825
  • Inconel 625 has a melting point of 1350 degrees Celsius, less than 1400 degrees Celsius of 825
  • Inconel 625 elongation is 42.5% which is 32% for 825

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What is the difference between the cost of UNS N06625 pipe in India and China?

The top Inconel 625 pipe suppliers offer the correct cost for most of the pipes and tubes made of Inconel superalloy. The Inconel 625 tubing prices vary according to size, thickness, shape, and others. The Inconel 625 alloy pipe prices also depend on the many alloy grades.

The reputed Inconel 625 pipe manufacturer in India and China offers the same costs for pipes.
The difference in the Inconel 625 pipe for sale is only in the currency that may vary with foreign exchange fluctuations. The cost of the Inconel 625 pipe in India ranges between Rupees. 2500 to 3500.

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What is the annealing temperature of the Inconel 625 seamless pipe?

The annealing temperature of Inconel 625 alloy is around 2000 Fahrenheit or 1000 degrees Celsius. The WNR 2.4856 welded pipe made of Inconel alloy has the best fabricability to weld easily to become brittle or crack. The UNS N06625 pipe also has service temperatures ranging from cryogenic to 1800 Fahrenheit or 900 degrees Celsius.

The top Nickel Alloy 625 erw Pipe suppliers provide the best pipes with high weldability than many other alloys. It has high yield strength and creeps resistance, not crack even exposed to high temperature and strain post-welding.

Most frequent types of Inconel 625 pipe

Alloy 625 pipe

Alloy 625 pipe

UNS N06625 pipe

UNS N06625 pipe

Inconel 625 seamless pipe

Inconel 625 seamless pipe

WNR 2.4856 welded pipe

WNR 2.4856 welded pipe

Inconel 625 clad pipe

Inconel 625 clad pipe

Nickel Alloy 625 ERW Pipe

Nickel Alloy 625 ERW Pipe

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What is the hardness of Rockwell c of WNR 2.4856 welded pipe?

The hardness or strength of the Inconel 625 is not only because of the nickel-chromium combination. It is also because of molybdenum acting with niobium for stiffening the alloy matric to provide high strength even without heat treatment.

Inconel 625 hardness in annealed condition could be between Rockwell B 88 to Rockwell C25.
It depends on the annealing temperature, around 2000 degrees Fahrenheit or 1000 Celsius. The cold working of Inconel can increase the hardness to Rockwell C 36 to 42.

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What are the standards of Inconel 625 clad pipe?

Inconel 625 superalloy, developed in 1960, is best for making pipes worldwide. It is because of its superior strength, many oxidations, and corrosive resistant properties. Also, it adheres to the specifications of many international standards like ASTM or the American Society for testing materials.

The ASTM specifications for Inconel pipe seamless is B444, welded is B705, for sheet or plate is B443, and bar is B44. The Nickel alloy 625 ERW or electrical resistance welded pipe also adheres to high international standards.