Incoloy 825 pipe

Incoloy 825 Pipe

What is Incoloy 825 pipe?

Incoloy is a superior version of the Inconel superalloy with lower nickel. But it is more effective in many extremely fluid environments than Inconel superalloys. . 800 series got better with many new versions, including the most popular one, the Incoloy 825 pipes. With enhanced corrosion resistance than others, it is ideal for sulphuric and phosphorous acid applications.

Alloy 825 annealed pipe is one of the best Incoloy alloys with a 38 to 46% nickel content to enhance its many properties. The iron content of 22% and nickel is from 19 to 23.5%. It also has molybdenum 2.5 to 3.5%, Copper 1.5 to 3% and 1% of titanium and manganese, making it the best pipe for many fluid applications across several sectors.

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Incoloy 825 Pipe Specification

Incoloy 825 Pipe Properties

How is the welding of the alloy 825 pipe performed?

For pipes made of many alloys, welding is an essential process to join with other materials. Alloy 825 hot finished pipe performs well in welding because of its high flexibility to be useful in many applications.

Alloy 825 pipe welds well by standard processes like SMAW manual, GMAW MIG, GTAW TIG, and SAW. It is essential to keep the joint clean during the welding process of the Inconel 825 pipe. There are many welding consumables suitable for N08825 welded pipes at various conditions. Welding electrodes like Inconel WE 112, fillers like Inconel FM 625, and flux-cored wire like Inco Cored 625DH are a few.

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Incoloy 825 vs Inconel 825 pipes

Inconel 825 and Incoloy 825 both are different name of same material. There are many other grades comes in Inconel like 600, 601, 625, and 718. Inconel was the first superalloy from the 1930s, whereas Incoloy was available from the 1950s. A few significant differences between Inconel 600 and Incoloy 825 pipes include the following.

  • Inconel 600 has a high nickel content of over 50%, whereas Incoloy 825 pipes has only less than 50%
  • Nickel 825 pipes, with high ferrous content than Inconel 600, is cheaper
  • Inconel 600 on heating forms a protective oxide layer on the surface to be ideal for extreme environments, while Alloy 825 pipe is more suitable for acidic environments

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What is a common trade name of the Inconel 825 pipe?

Incoloy 825 pipe has many common trade names to be useful in many applications. A few of the names include the alloy 825, W.No or Werkstoff Number of the German numbering system and UNS or Unified Numbering System. Incoloy® 825 is the SMC or Special Metals Corporation name.

The most common trade names of Inconel 825 include the following among others.

  • WNR 2.4858 pipe
  • UNS N08825
  • Alloy 825
  • 2242
  • Alloy 2242
  • SM2242
  • Inc 825

Basic types of Incoloy 825 Pipes

Alloy 825 pipe

Alloy 825 pipe

Inconel 825 pipe

Inconel 825 pipe

Incoloy 825 seamless pipe

Incoloy 825 seamless pipe

UNS N08825 Pipe

UNS N08825 Pipe

Nicrofer 4241 welded pipe

Nicrofer 4241 welded pipe

Nickelvac 825 annealed pipe

Nickelvac 825 annealed pipe

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What is the surface finish of the Incoloy 825 seamless pipe?

Incoloy 825 seamless pipe have high temperature, corrosion, resistance, creep, and stress rupture properties. But because Nicrofer 4241 welded pipe and others are strong, they have a rough surface. Hence, using them in nuclear reactors, space shuttle parts, and others becomes difficult. So, it becomes essential to increase the machinability of the Incoloy superalloys.

Surftest SJ-210 measures the surface profiles of the Incoloy machined workpieces. The good surface finish improves metal conductivity and surface resistance to chemicals. There are many surface finishing techniques used in Incoloy alloys to increase their machinability.

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Why are nickleVac 825 seamless pipes used in fuel element dissolvers?

NickelVac 825 seamless pipe is an austenitic high-performance alloy with exceptional corrosion resistance. It is ideal for oxidizing and reducing environments and has suitable resistance for pitting and chloride stress-corrosion cracking in fuel element dissolvers.

Incoloy 825, because of its one per cent titanium, has the best resistance against sensitization in the as-welded condition. Also, it has excellent resistance to intergranular attack. The molybdenum in it makes it chloride resistant and also to many oxidizing atmospheres. Hence Incoloy 825 has the unique quality of dissolving residues of fuel elements from nuclear reactors.