Hastelloy b3 pipe

Hastelloy B3 Pipe

What is Hastelloy b3 pipe?

Though it changed hands, Hastelloy, the superalloy of nickel-molybdenum composition, has had the same high quality for over 100 years. With growing needs for effective and highly resistant pipes, it reinvented itself from A to B to C and even X to have many more divisions. Many industries, from rockets, airplanes, and nuclear reactors to chemical processing, use its many grades.

Hastelloy B3 pipe is made from superalloy with the composition of nickel 65%, and molybdenum 28%. It is best for providing resistance to non-oxidizing acids. Along with tungsten, iron, cobalt, and manganese in small quantities provides thermal stability and is tough in cryogenic temperatures.

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Hastelloy B3 Pipe Specification

Hastelloy B3 Pipe Properties

Difference between Hastelloy b2 and b3 tube

Though B2 and B3 are two grades of the Hastelloy B produced in 1923, they have many differences. Though both have the same nickel-molybdenum as the base composition, the other elements vary. Hence a few differences between the Hastelloy B3 and B2 tubes include the following, among others.

  • While B2 is best in applications involving oxidizing agents like sulphuric acid, etc., Hastelloy B-3 welded tube is best for non-oxidizing acid like hydrochloric acid, etc.
  • With additional tungsten, manganese, cobalt, vanadium, etc., in small quantities in B3 more than B2,
  • Hastelloy ® B3 welded pipe is stronger and provides more thermal stability.
  • B3 takes a longer time to brittle than B2 during high-heat treatment.

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Can alloy b3 tubing be used for the gas line?

Alloy B3 tubing is best for the processing and production of concentrated acids. Also, it finds use in making vacuum furnaces and other mechanical components. It helps set tubing for plants for phenol, ethylbenzene, acetic anhydride and others. Also, in many other chemical processes like chloroprene production, chemical & nuclear reactors, etc.

B3 tubing for gas lines depends on the used gas from oxidizing or non-oxidizing acids and other factors. Also, the B3 welded tube quality and composition will determine its use in the specific gas line.

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What are the advantages of the UNS N10675 seamless pipe?

UNS N10675 seamless pipe is a B3 pipe with many advantages of its unique composition. The high nickel and molybdenum content makes it ideal for many vital applications like nuclear reactors. Also, because of its special properties, it finds use in many chemical processing plants. Its extreme versatility, strength to withstand high pressure, and the temperature has made B3 the most popular market leader among nickel molybdenum alloys. Hence pipes and tubes made from it have many advantages.

  • Has the advantage of use in diverse and sensitive industries like aerospace, chemical, heat treatment, food processing, nuclear engineering etc
  • Helps to build many plants for making titanium dioxide, phenol, ethylbenzene etc

Hastelloy b3 pipe types

Hastelloy B3 tube

Hastelloy B3 tube

Alloy b3 tubing

Alloy b3 tubing

UNS N10675 seamless pipe

UNS N10675 seamless pipe

WNR 2.4600 seamless tube

WNR 2.4600 seamless tube

Hastelloy ® B3 welded pipe

Hastelloy ® B3 welded pipe

Hastelloy B-3 welded tube

Hastelloy B-3 welded tube

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Is WNR 2.4600 seamless tubing stronger than a seamless pipe?

In general, tubing is stronger than pipes in many applications. It is best for applications requiring strength and durability. WNR 2.4600 seamless tubes are available in many shapes unlike pipes available only in round shapes. Hence B3 tubes are in use in many applications than pipes.

The strengthening of the Hastelloy B3 alloy gets done by work hardening, solid-solution hardening and precipitation hardening methods. Hence both pipes and tubes will be stronger to withstand high pressure and temperature to be suitable for nuclear reactors and other sensitive applications.

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What is the ASTM specification of alloy b-3® nickel pipe?

Alloy B-3® Nickel Pipe has been the most populist nickel-molybdenum alloy for a long time. There are many ASTM specifications for these pipes, tubes, and welded tubes. These ASTM specifications help manufacturers evaluate the alloy’s chemical, metallurgical, and mechanical properties. It also helps users to choose the right pipes and tubes for specific applications. A few of the ASTM specifications of B3 alloy include the following among others.

  • For welded pipes like alloy B-3 ERW pipe, the ASTM specification is B619
  • For welded tubes, the ASTM specification is B626
  • For seamless pipe and tube, the ASTM specification is B622.