Incoloy 800HT pipe

Incoloy 800HT Pipe

What is an Incoloy 800HT pipe?

The Incoloy trademark of nickel-chromium-based superalloys revolutionized the piping industry during the 1950s. Though Inconel superalloy with high nickel existed before it, Incoloy with lower nickel became famous worldwide. The significant reason is its creep and stress rupture properties apart from high temperature and corrosion resistance.

Incoloy 800HT pipe is made from the Alloy 800HT superalloy after years of monitoring and maintaining the 800 alloy series. Hence it has all the best properties of the 800 superalloy series and more to be useful in many applications in several sectors.

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Incoloy 800HT Pipe Specification

Incoloy 800HT Pipe Properties

What is the temperature range of alloy 800ht pipe?

ASME’s Metals Property Council collected and analyzed 800H alloy to revise the design stresses to approve alloy 800 HT pipe. It has more creep and stress rupture properties than 800H pipe for different temperature ranges. The optimal properties were the same at 1600 to 1650 ºF and low between 1100 to 1500 ºF.

800 HT pipe or UNS N08811 seamless pipe has a hot-working temperature range between 1740 to 2190 ºF or 950 to 1200 ºC. It is an ideal temperature range for five per cent or more deformation.

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Is Incoloy 800HT pipe suitable for hydrocarbon cracking?

Hydrocarbon cracking is an essential process of natural gas refining for the commercial production of petrol or diesel. And the process requires high temperatures in the range of 450 to 750 ºC or 842 to 1382 ºF. Only the best Incoloy 800 HT pipe with a high-temperature resistance of 1740 to 2190 ºF and 950 to 1200 ºC is suitable for it.

WNR 1.4876 welded pipe or 800H pipes and WNR 1.4959 seamless tubes have high-temperature resistance. Hence, it is suitable for hydrocarbon cracking applications for producing gasoline.

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What are the specific applications of the Inco 800HT tube?

Inco 800HT tube, made as the better version of the 800H tube, has more heat resistance and optimal creep and stress rupture properties. Also, good resistance to carburization, oxidation, and sulfidation, apart from easy machining using standard methods. Hence, Incoloy alloy 800 HT tubing has many specific applications, including the following.

  • Hydrocarbon cracking applications to make fuel
  • Industrial furnaces, boiler equipment, and components
  • Heat-treating equipment
  • Petrochemical processing, heat exchangers, and pressure vessels
  • Valve fittings and others exposed to excessive corrosive attack at high temperature

Various types of Incoloy 800HT pipe ?

Alloy 800ht pipe

Alloy 800ht pipe

Inconel 800ht pipe

Inconel 800ht pipe

Inco 800ht tube

Inco 800ht tube

Inconel alloy 800ht tubing

Inconel alloy 800ht tubing

UNS N08811 seamless pipe

UNS N08811 seamless pipe

WNR 1.4876 welded pipe

WNR 1.4876 welded pipe

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What does ‘HT’ in Incoloy 800 HT stand for?

Incoloy registered trademark of superalloy released many versions of its 800 series, with one better than the other in having many properties. The first was the 800 pipes with moderate temperature resistance. When Icon introduced a better superalloy with better temperature and corrosive resistance, it came with an H for “high” resistance as 800H.

800HT welded pipe was the better version of 800H Incoloy nickel alloy. It has a higher temperature resistance of 2190 ºF or 1200 ºC. Hence it is ideal for hydrocarbon cracking and many such applications with high-temperature requirements.

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Is there any material that can replace Incoloy alloy 800HT?

Icon introduced Incoloy superalloy in 1952 with less nickel suitable for acid environments. The principal constituent of all 800 series super alloys is iron and less of nickel. It is because nickel was a strategic material during the 1950s. Because of more iron content, these alloys have less corrosion resistance in specific applications.

Inconel superalloy with over 50% nickel and in some categories having over 70% nickel can replace Incoloy alloy pipes. It is a high-quality nickel and less iron than Incoloy alloy to have high corrosive resistance. Inconel 825 alloy with up to 46% nickel can also be a cheaper replacement for it as it has exceptional corrosion resistance.