Hastelloy x pipe

Hastelloy X Pipe

What is Hastelloy x pipe?

Hastelloy, a nickel-based alloy with chromium and Molybdenum as the other major components, has many excellent properties. Manufacturers use it to make many pipes and tubes for industrial purposes. Depending on their varying composition, there are many grades of Hastelloy from the C, B, G to X types.

Hastelloy X pipe is made from one of the most widely used superalloy X grades and is best for furnace, petrochemical and gas turbine engine applications. Hastelloy X tubing has 20 – 23%, chromium, iron 17 – 20%, 8 – 10 %, Molybdenum, and balance nickel with small quantities of tungsten, silicon, manganese and others.

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Hastelloy X Pipe Specification

Hastelloy X Pipe Properties

Hastelloy x vs inconel 718

Though Hastelloy and Inconel are nickel-chromium based, the other components have different properties and use. While Hastelloy X has around 10% molybdenum, Inconel 718 has only around 3%. Hence apart from both being strong and having corrosion and temperature resistance, a few differences between the UNS N06002 tube and UNS N07718 include the following.

  • Inconel is best for oxidising environments, and Hastelloy is best for decreasing conditions.
  • Hastelloy X costs more than Inconel 718 because of its higher molybdenum content.
  • Inconel 718 is more ductile because of its higher elongation of 45% than Hastelloy having only 35%

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What is the melting temperature of Inconel® HX seamless pipe?

Superalloy nickel-chromium-molybdenum matrix-stiffened with high temperature and corrosion resistance is the base for making Inconel® HX seamless pipe or WNR 2.4665 seamless tube. Because the Inconel HX tube has exceptional strength, many use it for components like afterburners, combustion chambers, aircraft, tailpipes, and others.

Alloy X seamless pipes have a melting temperature range from 2300 to 2470 degrees Fahrenheit or 1260 to 1355 degrees Celsius. Because of its readily weldable property and high melting point, it is best for nuclear engineering applications and its high corrosion resistance even at temperature as high as 2200F or 1200C.

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What is the P number of Nickelvac® HX welded pipe?

Since alloys are an amalgamation of two or more metals to have better properties, it is essential to have P numbers. P number groups similar base metals to allow qualification of selecting all versus just one. Hastelloy being a combination of nickel-chromium-molybdenum, has a specific P number.

Nickelvac® HX welded pipe has a P number of 43 to group Ni, Cr, and Mo, along with others in small quantities. Also known as UNS W86002 welded tubes, because of their rare metal combination are best for use in roller hearths, nuclear engineering, industrial furnaces, etc.

Most frequent types of Hastelloy X pipe

Hastelloy X Tubing

Hastelloy X Tubing

UNS N06002 tube

UNS N06002 tube

Alloy X seamless pipe

Alloy X seamless pipe

WNR 2.4665 seamless tube

WNR 2.4665 seamless tube

Nickelvac® HX welded pipe

Nickelvac® HX welded pipe

UNS W86002 welded tube

UNS W86002 welded tube

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Is Microfer® 4722 tubing resistant to oxidation?

Microfer® 4722 ERW pipe and tubing have outstanding oxidation resistance. Inconel® HX superalloy, with a unique combination of nickel, chromium, Molybdenum and iron, is the raw material to make these pipes. Apart from excellent oxidation resistance, it also has many other best mechanical properties that include the following, among others.

  • It has a high density of 8.22 g/cm3 2 at 72 F or 23 C to have high strength for applications at high temperature
  • It has a high tensile strength of 755 Mpa and an elastic modulus of 205 Gpa, making it ideal for special applications like nuclear reactors.
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What is ASTM specification of altemp® hx pipe?

There are many ASTM specifications for Altemp® HX pipe and tubes for use in many applications. Altemp® HX seamless pipe has ASTM B622 specification along with ASME SB622. Altemp® HX welded pipe and tube has ASTM B626 with ASME SB626.

Altemp® HX superalloys have many common trade names like Pyromet 680, Inconel HX, Nicklevac HX, Alloy X, Hastelloy X, Nickel X, etc. It offers exceptional oxidation resistance even up to 2200 F or 1200C. Also, it is tough to be useful in combustion chambers, etc.