Hastelloy c22 pipe

Hastelloy C22 Pipe

What is Hastelloy c22 pipe?

Hastelloy is a family of nickel-chromium-molybdenum alloys with excellent corrosion resistance, easy weldability, and resistant to acids and agents. Pipes made of Hastelloy find use in several industries. Also, it has been popular worldwide as a premium corrosion-resistant alloy for a century.

Hastelloy C22 pipe has a composition of nickel 56%. Chromium 22%, Molybdenum 13%, cobalt, tungsten, and iron. Hence it is ideal for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. It also has the ASME BPE standard recognition that identifies many specifications in FDA or Food & Drug Administration and Part MM (Metallic Materials).

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Hastelloy C22 Pipe Specification

Hastelloy C22 Pipe Properties

What is the heat capacity of Hastelloy C22 seamless pipe?

Different materials have varying heat capacities to weld into pipes and other products. Heat capacity or specific heat capacity is the heat required to raise the temperature to one degree Celsius for one gram of the material. The heat capacity of Hastelloy C22 seamless pipe is as high as 2050 F or 1121 C.

Because of the high heat capacity of the UNS N06022 seamless pipe, it is best for many applications in oil & gas, power generation, and other industries. The other sectors that use it are chemical and processing, pharmaceutical, pulp, and paper production.

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What is the delivery condition of the Hastelloy c22 pipe?

The delivery condition of the Hastelloy C22 pipe is after machining using the best milling, CNC turning, and five-axis centers. The machining should be AS 9100/ISO 9001-20015 certified for the best Nickel C22 pipes to have all its high corrosion and temperature resistance.

WNR 2.4602 welded pipe delivery condition should have machining using the right tool selection, mill or lathe feed and speed, cutting pas depths, high-pressure coolant, chip control, and others. Pipes made of Hastelloy C22 with such machined delivery conditions also have all the marking details relating to the test certificates.

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What is the absolute roughness of the Inconel® 22 seamless pipes?

For buying Hastelloy C22 pipe, it is important to know the roughness of the material used to make them. It is because the roughness will affect the flow rates of the fluid running through them and also account for pressure losses. The fluid flow will be free for materials with less absolute roughness.

Inconel® 22 welded pipes have less absolute roughness, which is ideal for many applications in pharmaceuticals and biotechnology, among others. It has precise pipe dimensions for use in all sensitive applications.

Most famous types of Hastelloy C22 pipe

Alloy c22 pipe

Alloy c22 pipe

Hastelloy c22 seamless pipe

Hastelloy c22 seamless pipe

UNS N06022 pipe

UNS N06022 pipe

Nickel alloy C22 welded pipe

Nickel alloy C22 welded pipe

DIN 2.4602 square pipe

DIN 2.4602 square pipe

Hastelloy alloy C22 annealed pipe

Hastelloy alloy C22 annealed pipe

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Hastelloy c22 vs c4

Hastelloy C22 and C4 are the two grades of the Hastelloy family of nickel-chromium-molybdenum combination. Though both have similar properties, like high corrosive and heat resistance, many other differences exist. It is because of the difference in combination with C22 that include the following, among others.

  • C22 has high chromium content of 20 to 22% than C4 which has 14 to 18% makes C22 solves serious corrosion problems than C4
  • C22 has more elongation strength of 45% compared to the C 4 having 40% for many to prefer C22 over C4
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What are the standards of Nicrofer® 5621 pipe?

Nicrofer® 5621 pipe, developed as an alternative to Hastelloy c 276 pipes, has excellent metallurgical stability. The reason is sanitizing it during welding or in other heating conditions.

Nicrofer® 5621 ERW pipes undergo stringent inspection processes for many standards. It includes ASTM B626, ASTM B622, ASME AB622, and SB626. Also, ASME BPE recognizes it for use in pharmaceutical applications approved by the prestigious FDA or Food and Drug Administration of the US.