Incoloy 800H pipe

Incoloy 800H Pipe

What is Incoloy 800h pipe?

Over 70 years ago, in 1952 Inco produced trademark Incoloy super alloys with nickel and chromium as the significant base. These high-performance alloys are in the super austenitic stainless steel category. It is best for applications in extremely fluid environments. Incoloy 800H pipes made of the Incoloy superalloy are suitable for applications like petrochemical processing, flare tips, and bellows in refinery service.

Alloy 800H tubing, or nickel alloy 8800 H tubes, are ideal for applications with temperatures around 1100 ºF or 600 ºC. It has a different chemical composition than the other 800 alloy pipes and tubes to have many unique properties to be suitable for many applications in several sectors.

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Incoloy 800H Pipe Specification

Incoloy 800H Pipe Properties

Incoloy 800H vs 800HT

Incoloy 800 HT and Incoloy 800 H welded pipes, tubes, and others are from the same family of trademark superalloys, Incoloy. Hence have many common properties because of the same nickel-chromium-iron base. But both have a varying percentage of the composition; both have a few differences, including the following among others.

  • 800 H or WNR 1.4958 pipe has the composition of more iron at 39.5%, nickel between 30-35%, chromium at 19 – 23% aluminium + titanium at 0.30 to 1.2%. And carbon 0.05 to 0.10%.
  • 800 HT has a restricted chemical composition within the 800H limits but with an increased carbon content of 0.06 to 0.10% and increased aluminum + titanium 0.85 to 1.20%
  • 800H requires a heat treatment of 1100 F or 600 C, whereas, for 800 HT, it is 2100 F or 1149 C minimum
  • 800HT has higher creep and stress rupture capability than 800H
  • 800 HT has higher maximum allowable design stresses than 800H

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What does Incoloy mean?

Incoloy is the registered trademark of nickel-chromium superalloys to produce pipes and tubes ideal for acidic environments. In registered Incoloy trademark in 1952 to make many high-performance alloys. SMC, or Special Metal Corporation, now produces UNS N08810 welded tubes, many other Incoloy pipes, etc.

The Incoloy trademark of superalloys has a lesser composition of nickel. It is because nickel was a strategic metal during the 1950s and was also expensive. But international organizations like ASME and ASTM approved many Incoloy alloys. And hence are best for many high temperature applications that also need high corrosion resistance.

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What is the ASTM specification of Incoloy 800H tubing?

ASTM is a prestigious international standards organization formerly known as the American Society of Testing Materials. Though Inco introduced the Incoloy 800 series of superalloys in 1952, the ASTM committee made many revisions until 1965 to accept it as Grade 2 material with no heat treatment. And only in 1966 ASTM approved the many specifications, including the Incoloy 800 H tubing for several applications.

Many ASTM specifications of 800 H tubing include ASTM B 163, ASTM B 407, ASTM B 514, and ASTM B 515. All the ASTM specifications of the 800 series superalloys have wide applications in many high-temperature and corrosive resistance requiring applications.

Common types of Incoloy 800h pipe ?

Incoloy 800h tubing

Incoloy 800h tubing

Alloy 800h tube

Alloy 800h tube

WNR 1.4958 welded pipe

WNR 1.4958 welded pipe

Nickel alloy 800h seamless pipe

Nickel alloy 800h seamless pipe

Incoloy® 800H seamless tube

Incoloy® 800H seamless tube

UNS N08810 welded tube

UNS N08810 welded tube

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What are the welding consumables of Incoloy 800h welded pipe?

Welding is a process of joining metallic structures using high-temperature heat. Filler materials are the consumables used in the welding process. While the metal parts are the parent material, consumables like stick electrodes, flux and others help to join them together.

The Incoloy 800 H welded pipe welding consumables are ESAB, Miller, Thermal Arc, Lincoln, Hobart, and many other top brands. As per the quality of the Incoloy pipes and tubes, welders can use the suitable welding consumable brand for superalloy 800 pipes and tubes.

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How does nickel alloy 800h seamless pipe post-weld heat treatment perform?

Post-heat weld treatment of PHWT is any heat treatment after welding the material. And it is a controlled process to reheat the welded material at a temperature below its critical temperature for specific time. But ASME and other industry codes require specific PWHT mandatory performance to ensure safe design and optimal metallurgical and mechanical properties.

The nickel alloy 800H seamless pipe post-weld heat treatment or PHWT performs well to have all properties and does not have any residual stresses. The PHWT on Incoloy® 800H seamless tube also reduces the microstructural changes to reduce hardness, toughness, and flexibility for an easy designing process.