ASTM B165 pipe

ASTM B165 Pipe

What is ASTM B165?

With the increasing demand for applications in seawater, heat exchangers, and specialty chemical plants, the need for nickel-copper alloys also increased. Hence Monel, registered as a nickel-copper alloy in 1921, for the past century is best for such applications. And many Monel alloy with varying nickel copper composition with iron, manganese, and silicon needs the proper specifications.

ASTM B165 is the standard specification for Monel 400 or UNS N04400 nickel-copper alloy, available in the form of cold-worked seamless pipe and tubes. ASTM B165 tubing has 63% nickel and 28% copper, with the remaining percentages of other elements that are best for many high temperature and corrosion involved applications in various sectors.

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ASTM B165 Pipe specification

ASTM B165 Pipe Specification

ASTM B165 Pipe Properties

Get ASTM b165 tubing suppliers in UAE? ASTM b165 vs b161 must be seen

ASTM B165 vs B161

ASTM B165 and B161 are specifications of nickel alloys with varying compositions. ASTM B165 is the specification for UNS N04400 Monel alloys with over 50% nickel and copper as the other significant element. B161 is the specification for low carbon nickel of UNS N02201 which is in the form of a cold worked seamless pipe.

The significant difference between the two is the copper content that is more in the ASTM B165 than the B161. Because of it, there are changes in the properties and uses of ASTM B165 and B161 tubes. ASTM B165 pipes and tubes are more stronger and corrosion resistant to be suitable for specific applications compared to ASTM B161 pipes.

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Which pipe and tube are involved in ASME SB165 specification?

ASME SB 165 specification is for UNS N04400 or Monel 400 seamless pipes and tubes.
Monel 400 is a nickel-copper alloy with nickel 67% and 23% copper in cold-worked seamless pipe and tube form. It has excellent mechanical properties at sub-zero temperatures and is ideal for working in temperatures above 1000 F.

ASME SB165 seamless tube with high nickel and copper composition finds use in many applications that require high temperature and corrosion resistance. ASME SB165 tubes made of nickel and copper as the primary composition are best for hydrocarbon processing, marine engineering, heat exchangers, chemical equipment, and other applications.

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Points to remember before ordering ASTM B165 seamless pipe

There are many points to remember before buying ASTM B165 seamless pipe because of its higher costs. The main reason of high cost is its high nickel and copper composition. Following are the expert’s points to utilize the many benefits of ASTM B165 pipes in applications at high temperatures and corrosion resistance.

  • The seamless pipes should have proper cleaning after welding to prevent contamination that can make them brittle to break easily and quickly.
  • Should verify the test certificates as per the ASTM and ASME Specifications to avoid buying any damaged pipes and tubes
  • Check the thickness, schedule, and weight chart of the seamless pipes to buy only the right ones as per the application needs
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What is the test method of ASTM B165 nickel-copper alloy seamless pipe?

There are many test methods to check ASTM B165 nickel-copper alloy seamless pipe as per the stipulated specifications. It includes finding the proper chemical composition and mechanical properties of the pipes for safe use in many applications in high temperatures and corrosion resistance.

ASME SB165 nickel-copper alloy seamless tube test methods like a hydrostatic test, tension test, nondestructive electric test, and others. Choosing the correct test method as per the ASME or American Society of Mechanical Engineers is critical. The significant reason being the test is mandatory for using the pipes as per the many safety regulations.

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What are permissible variations of ASTM B165 pipe?

ASTM B165 pipe has many permissible variations for the OD or outside diameter, straightness, thickness, and others. Only by knowing the suitable acceptable variations is it possible to choose the right pipes and tubes with the correct composition. Also, to have the appropriate mechanical properties of tensile and yield strength to elongation and others for use in many applications.

  • The OD or outer diameter permissible variations are plus or minus 0.005 to 0.03 in min.
  • Straightness should be reasonable, with no bends or kinks
  • Length permissible variations for over 24 feet is an additional tolerance of 3.2 mm for each ten feet