ASTM B467 pipe

ASTM B467 Pipe

What is ASTM B467?

Copper pipes and tubes are still used for decades even when others, like iron, lead, etc., have become outdated. It is because of its many benefits like being lightweight, fire and corrosion-resistant, easy to use, and recyclability.

ASTM B467 pipe is specifications covering the copper alloys to have the suitable composition and mechanical properties for use in many applications in several sectors. ASTM B467 specification standards are for welded copper nickel pipes of varying compositions. It includes 90/10 copper nickel tubing or ASTM B467 UNS C70600 seamless pipes. Also, for 70/30 tubing or ASTM B467 UNS C71500 seamless pipes.

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ASTM B467 Pipe specification

ASTM B467 Pipe Specification

ASTM B467 Pipe Properties

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ASTM B467 vs B861

If ASTM B467 is the specification standard for copper-nickel alloys, B861 is the specification for unalloyed and alloyed titanium. ASTM B467 is for welded tubing, whereas B861 is for seamless and welded pipes and tubes. Also, because of the difference in the chemical composition of titanium and copper, and in mechanical properties and uses.

ASTM B467 welded tubing is ideal for general engineering applications because of its high copper content. But ASTM 861 is suitable for high-end applications like nuclear reactors, the aerospace industry, and others.

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Which material is covered by ASTM B467 specification?

ASTM B467 specification covers copper-nickel alloys with varying compositions. If the copper is 90% and nickel is 10%, it covers UNS C70600 seamless tubing. And if the copper is 70% and nickel is 30%, it covers UNS C71500 seamless tubing.

ASTM B467 specifications cover many cupro-nickel alloys like ANSI B36.19 alloys. It specifies the
many unique mechanical properties. like high strength, and resistance to oxidation and corrosion.

ASTM B467 tubes have thermal creep deformation resistance to be useful in many applications. It
includes general marine engineering, chemical equipment, power generation, specialty chemicals and condensers etc.

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What are the tempers of ASTM B467 pipe?

Tempering is essential for pipes and tubes to improve the characteristics of their base alloy by heating at high temperatures and instant cooling. It toughens the piping system by reducing internal stress and brittleness. There are many tempers of ASTM B467 welded tubes to make it solid for valid applications in several sectors.

The following are the few ASTM B467 tempers useful in many applications.

  • WM50 – as welded from annealed strips, sheets, and plates
  • WM00, WM01, WM02, etc. – as welded from cold-worked sheets, plates, strips
  • W050 – welded and annealed
  • WR00 – welded light cold drawn
  • WR04 – hard-cold drawn
  • WH00 – fully finished or stress relieved as annealed
  • WH00 – light drawn
  • WH04 – hard-cold drawn
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What are the non-destructive tests of ASME SB467 welded copper-nickel pipe?

NDT, or non-destructive test, is an analysis technique for evaluating pipe properties, structure, components, welding defects, etc. Conducting NDT for ASME SB467 welded copper-nickel pipe is essential for many reasons, including the following, among others.

  • NDT does not damage the ASME SB467 welded pipe to repair it than replacement
  • NDT provides accurate results as repeating it many times on ASME SB467 pipe is possible
  • Non-destructive testing for pipes and tubes is safe and economical, with no risk of accidents.
Sch-40, Sch-80, Sch-60 etc are the available specifications for ASME sb467 welded pipe. check if the ASME sb467 pipe is appropriate for typical engineering uses.

Why is ASTM B467 tubing suitable for general engineering?

ASTM B467 tubing satisfying all the specification standards of copper-nickel alloys is suitable for many general engineering purposes. With different tempering processes, the ASTM B467 tube is ideal for general marine engineering, chemical processes, and power generation, among others.

ASTM B467 welded pipe is light, solid, and with high corrosion-resistance properties. It is because of being made from high copper-containing alloys. Also, because these pipes not getting affected by water to avoid rusting is useful in many applications. Hence it provides optimal performance for a long time to save money.