ASTM A36 pipe

ASTM a36 pipe

What is ASTM A36 pipe?

The key to choosing precise piping systems for domestic, commercial, and industrial purposes is knowing the characteristics of their base alloys. ASTM, or American Society for Testing materials for over 120 years, is the international standards organization for specifying standards for pipes and tubes. A36 low carbon structural steel alloy standard published by ASTM in 1960 is still best for constructing bridges and buildings, among others.

A36 seamless pipe made from A36 alloy with high yield strength and ultimate tensile strength is ideal for many applications in various sectors. A36 pipes have low carbon of 0.26% and 1% manganese; Hence it is easy to weld and machine to be one of the most useful pipes for many decades.

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ASTM A36 Pipe dimensions, and specification

ASTM A36 Pipe Specification

ASTM A36 Pipe Properties

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Is Pipe ASTM A36 equivalent to S235JR?

Yes. Pipe ASTM A 36 is equivalent to S235JR. S 235 JR pipes. But it is the advanced version of the low carbon steel alloy to have high 235 MPA yield strength. The carbon content for A36 and S235 JR is almost the same ranging from 24 to 26%. Also, both have higher manganese, silicon, phosphorous, and copper content to be useful in many applications.

ASTM A36 water pipe costs less than S235JR pipes but has enough yield strength of 250 MPA and tensile strength between 400 to 550 MPa. ASTM A36 galvanized steel pipe has the same elongation percentage of 23 as S235JR to be its equivalent or more.

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Where is ASTM A36 steel pipe used?

ASTM A36 pipes find use in many applications across construction, engineering, and other sectors. It has a yield strength of 200 GPa per Young’s modulus and 140 GPa for bulk modulus. Also, Poisson’s ratio is 0.26 to be the most common structural alloy even sixty years after its standardization by ASTM in 1960.

A36 steel pipe uses include welding, bolting, and other construction-related applications to build bridges and buildings. A36 pipes are also useful in many general structural purposes like transportation, mining, heavy equipment, energy, etc.

You may buy a36 grade b welded pipe in Dubai from an importer that offers unusual widths and thicknesses. compare type 2 magnetic alloy with a36 carbon steel.

ASTM A36 carbon steel vs. Type 2 magnetic Alloy

ASTM A36 and Type 2 magnetic alloys are both iron alloys but with different compositions.
While the iron content in ASTM A 36 seamless carbon steel pipe is above 98%, it is less than 50% in type 2 magnetic alloy pipes. And the nickel content of 47 to 49% in Type 2 magnetic alloy is not in A 36. Hence there are many differences between the ASTM A36 pipe and Type 2 magnetic alloy pipes, including the following among others.

  • A36 grade b welded pipe costs less than Type 2 pipes because of no nickel content
  • ASTM A36 grade B round welded steel pipe is best for construction and general purposes, whereas Type 2 magnetic pipes are for high-end applications
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How does the tension test perform on ASTM A36 seamless carbon steel pipe?

For pipes and tubes, tensile tests are essential to determine how they will react under tension loads like harsh media flowing through them. The easy way to perform a simple test is to pull the base alloy, like ASTM A36 alloy, to its entire breaking point to determine its ultimate tensile strength.

A36 seamless carbon steel pipe requires tension strength testing to measure its applied force and elongation and other mechanical properties.

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Can you weld ASTM A36 schedule 40 steel pipe using gas metal arc welding?

Since ASTM A36 schedule 40 steel pipe is made from low carbon content alloy, it is weldable easily. Though it is possible to weld A36 steel pipes, the best among them is gas metal arc welding.

To weld A36 there are many welding methods. It includes GMAW, or gas metal arc welding, known by its subtypes MIG, inert metal gas, MAG, or active metal gas, during welding there is the formation of an electric arc between the consumable MIG wire electrode and the workplace A36 alloy.